Setting a preset that isn’t overridden by switch?

I have 3 plug in lamp dimmer modules that I’m wirelessly controlling with two z wave switches that mirror each other.

I want one of those lights to always turn on (at a certain brightness) from sunset to midnight nightly. If I turn the switch on I want all the lights to come on to a certain (higher level) and when I turn the switch off 2 lights turn off and 1 resets to the “sun down” lighting look.

What’s the best way to go about programming this set up?

Three questions:

  1. which model hub are you using?

Two) which version of the SmartThings app are you using, classic or STSC?

Three) do either of the switches actually control the current to any of the outlets, or are you just doing this through automations? And if it is just through automations, what is the brand and model of the pocket socket?


we are using a V2 hub running firmware 000.024.00011

I am using the classic app still but could switch over to Samsung if its easy and it provided more functionality.

No neither switch actually directly controls the outlets. It is done through automations and mirroring statuses.

we are using GE Smarthings lamp control model 12718 and zooz switches ZEN21 V2

The Classic app has more functionality right now for everything except the Samsung televisions and Samsung appliances.

OK, the issue that you were going to run into is if you are in the middle of that sunset to midnight time. And someone hits the physical switch on the wall.

In that situation, and most people would want the physical switch automation to be implemented overriding the automatic time automation. I’m not quite clear if that’s what you are asking about, but assuming you are, the official features would let the light to change when you hit the switch, the problem is changing them back.

So I think you may have to do this with webcore.

See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)


I am looking for the physical switch to always override when turned “on” to bring all lights up to their normal level. But when you turn it “off” instead of turning off with the other 2 units it goes back to its sunset to midnight level and remains on…

does that make sense?

OK, since there is an actual trigger, the physically pushing the switch off, you could do that with the official SmartLights features, it will just take multiple automations.

  1. an automation for the regular time restriction on the one light, probably creating these setting as a scene, since that will be useful later

Two) An automation for when the switch turns on, Turning on all the lights

  1. An automation for when the switch is turned off between the hours of sunset and sunrise which triggers the scene from automation 1) above

  2. An automation for when the switch is turned off The rest of the day which does whatever you want to happen the rest of the day

So as long as the switches do not control the actual current to the pocket sockets, you can do it that way, it’s just a lot of work to set it up right And maintenance could be confusing. I like the idea of making the “ two off one on” set up a scene because then you can use it in both automation one and automation three and if you change your mind on what the Dim levels should be or whatever, you only have to change it in one place.

Alternatively, you could do all of the above in Webcore, including some additional more complex factors like who is home, etc. So that’s up to you. :sunglasses:

thank you!

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