Looking for a push-button (zwave/zigbee) looking like a regular rocker light switch

Recently bought a z-wave controller to be used for a garage opener. Installed it, integrated with ST, works perfectly. Now want to add a switch close to the my main door so that I can open/close garage from there and integrate it with ST. Looking for a zwave/zigbee button that looks like a regular rocker light switch, but have no luck. Any suggestions from the community?

Country: USA


First things first, what country are you in?

Next, is this for a mains powered switch or a battery powered switch?

If it’s a mains power switch in the US, there are many. Pretty much every Z wave manufacturer for the US now makes a rocker style. You can just start with the ones on the official compatibility list:

Leviton, Zooz, GE, Enerwave, and Honeywell are all options:

If you are looking for something that doesn’t control the load, both Zooz and Inovelli make models that can be configured for that option. They are still wired into the Main’s, but all they do when you press them is send a message to the hub.

If instead by “button“ you meant “battery powered,“ you still have a couple of options in the US.

The Ecolink smart switch cover is intended to be placed over an existing rocker and physically move it, but you can place it anywhere you want and it will work fine just for sending messages to the hub.

The Eaton Cooper aspire “any place“ which doesn’t look exactly like a rocker, but it does look like a regular light switch and is very popular:


If I’m not understanding what you’re asking for, or if you are in a country other than the US or Canada, let us know. :sunglasses:

Thanks for a reply. Updated country - USA.
Looks like Eaton is the only choice :frowning:
or, as an option, I can buy a garage remote, disassemble and put all internals into regular rocker switch, could be an solution…

Something like this may get the job done.


Ive got one with the ABC Button Controller smartapp
ABC - Advanced Button Controller - 2019 Edition
dimming lamps, turning things off and on, settings scenes. Just 2 buttons. Throw WebCore in the mix and its almost limitless what is possible😊
Zooz and Inovelli are great choices for hard wired situations but pricey for just garage door control.

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Yeah that’s a nice device, although it doesn’t meet the OP‘s original requirement of being a rocker style. There are actually quite a few other options if you want to move away from rocker. :sunglasses:

The one you mentioned is available at very low cost at Zwaveproducts.com, by the way.