Relay for 220V heater?

I’m looking for a good SmartThings-compatible switch that can control a 220V 2A wall heater. I’ve looked at the Enerwave ZWN-RSM1S and Aeotec Micro Smart Energy Switch but it’s not clear to me if either can be used with a three-wire 240V circuit. Anyone done something similar? Looks like the Smartenit ZBMLC15 Zigbee switch could do it, but it’s more expensive and I need to put in 4 of these.

Not getting too technical - but you can always use a high voltage contactor and then use the micro switch as a relay (If you are unsure, would be 99% safer technically)

Which means buy an Aeon Microswitch:

Then buy a contactor:

Then this is how the contactor is wired, using the Aeon as the ‘120v’ relay:

That should do it… the new second gen Aeon handles up to 220v but does not have a 3 pole capacity for high amperage.

Thanks., that does seem like a viable option. The Smartenit ZBMLC15 is looking like the simplest option and it’s listed on the compatible devices page but I’ll keep researching options.

I’d agree with Austen, doing it this way will save you money later on if/when the relay fails (usually burned contacts). From my experience high voltage contactors fail much more frequently than low voltage ones.

Look at my post about the Elk 9200. This does work great, but the discription on Elk’s website makes it appear that it is already z-wave/zigbee compatible.

Used the ZBMLC15. Works very well for this particular purpose (2A load). Had to manually add them to Smartthings even though they’re listed on the Smartthings website as compatible.