Looking for recommendations for a dumb power strip

I have a collection of ikea Teadfri Smart plugs and Amazon echo. 2nd generation devices. They tend to overlap other sockets in a wall outlet.

Long story short these devices need to be powered behind night stands so I’m looking for power strips that have outlets that are spaced widely.

What have you found?

To address the issue of large power blocks, I just use UL listed grounded 1 foot extensions. Here’s one typical example, but there are many:

Bought in a pack of five or 10, they typically cost less than three dollars each. :sunglasses:


I’m using a few of these that work for me… They do have a surge protector but the cost is still fairly low.

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BTW, if you’re OK with the aesthetics and the price, the following vertical multiunit tower is great. ETL listed, grounded, really convenient for USB charging.

It’s a much more expensive solution, but it solves multiple problems. We have one in the guestroom on the nightstand and everybody asks about it.

There are a lot of cheap knock off‘s that are not fire safe, so make sure you get one that is ETL or UL listed.


See I actually use those with my power distribution unit in my switch rack for my home network for some reason I didn’t even think about using these for these stupid wall warts.

That’s why it’s good to have a community like this… to scrape the rust off my old brain.

Heading off to Amazon to order a 10 pack of him in looking for decent surge suppressors with USB chargers Built-in. At like to find one that has at least 3 USB ports.

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Yeah I think I might have found the strip I need it’s a 4 port Bestek UL listed with 4 USB ports. I think I have my issue solved.

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I have multiple combos of 3 prong splitters around the house including these

How about these:

Those look pretty awesome. A bit on the spendy side, bit awesome! Unfortunately not enough USB ports available on those… Definately on the right track though…

Link plz: 4 port Bestek UL listed with 4 USB ports.

I am having trouble finding the listing again… WIll post once I find it, if for no other reason I am wanting it myself…! If you find one please post it too!

There’s this site called Google… :rofl:

(just add the word Amazon at the end of your search term.)

As far as I know, Bestek Devices are ETL listed, not UL listed, but they are equivalent safety standards. :sunglasses:


That’s nice, but not the one I was looking at. The one I was seeing was black… But close enough…

old Quirky powerstrips… found some cheap in clearance stores recently…

OP, post the link plz.

Jd, I did google. Op alluded to plugging in many smart outlets and perhaps wall warts. Did find one that stood out…

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Sorry if I didn’t state my intent clearly enough. Let me clarify.

I have a collection of Ikea Tradfri smart outlets, which are honestly painfully large, but from what I have seen most smart plugs / outlets are really too big to play nice with other outlets.

My application is for the master bedroom, and the guest bedroom I have 2 night stands that I need to provide power for the following items.

#1. Table lamp. This is controlled by the Tradfri.
#2. Medical devices. I am 50, and younger than most of our generation in the family. There are a LOT of CPAP machines and the like to be powered.
#3. At least one of these will have to power an Amazon Echo device, in the guest room and echo dot, in the master a full echo…
#4. USB charging ports for phone, bluetooth headset, and Fitbit.

The concept is I want to attach a power strip / surge supressor to the back side of each night stand, and route the power from there.

I have lsst the link to the most interesting one, which is my fault. It had sideways outlets so if you look at it, all the ground pins line up in a row down the middle of the strip, there was one that was wide spaced from the others, there were a total of 4 110v US ports, and 4 USB charging ports on it, and it was black…

It was very much like the one that @JDRoberts linked above, but black, and the power ports rotated 90 degrees. If I can figure out the link for it, I will post it like I said… It looked ideal for what i am doing. 1 of these per night stand…

Honestly I might have to go with the short extension cords anyway, the Echo Dot power block is pretty bulky too, at least for the 2nd generation Echo Dot…

I don’t remember seeing a black one like that. One of the “Amazon’s choice“ models is similar but with eight sockets.