Smart Power Strip - kickstarter update - +2 outlets, usb now 2.1A

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To pass along - FYI -
See the latest update - 2 non-switched outlets added, 2 USB charging ports upped to 2.1A.

Looks like more $99 intro orders are available.

so when is it out and how much will it cost?

Not a backer, updates limited to backers

OK - @Alucard
Main -

Update - #10
Sorry for the late update (which we said to send it out last week). But, here are some good news on our final design and functions improvement, check it out:

  1. Surge protection
    As said before our unit would come with circuit breaker + surge protection, which in the past month we have added two LEDs indicator for the surge protection feature (it is also a requirement from the safety lab).
  2. USB output
    There are lots of request before saying that our two USB charging port with 5V/1 amp is not good enough. We have redesigned the circuit and add more components to make it 2.1A now. And, we will make this function as a free upgrade for our backers.
  3. Size reduction
  4. LEDs
    Yes, they are back. We have thought of a way to bring back the LEDs indicator, showing the power status of each outlet.
  5. More outlets
    Some of you may have noticed it from the photo above, there are six LEDs saying that we would have six sockets total, which four of them would be controllable and the other two extra ones would remain on at all time like a regular power outlet. Due to the delay from us, we will also make this as a free upgrade to all of our backers.
    $99 - here -

Just got the chance to pair up the Smart Power Strip with my SmartThings hub. No major problems. Just had to be patient after i pressed the inclusion button three times before it was recognized on the SmartThing app. I now have it controlling my entertainment center!

Only downside is: I not able to tell if i can get power usage without customizing the device driver.