1 QUESTIONDC Power cable management Question?

As a Home Automation enthusiast I have a desk with like a dozen DC powered devices. Each one has it’s one large block of AC to DC converter.

I’ve searched all over the internet and I can’t seem to find a device that would simplify this and clean it up. Like one big block that converts AC to DC and connects all my devices ,so I don’t have to have a big long power strip with a bunch of non symmetrical blocks attached to it.

My question is is there such a device or does anyone have a better way of handling this?

What’s the voltage and amperage output of the bricks? If they are 5vdc then you could get a power strip with USB ports and use them to power your devices. Obviously you may need to get new wires like a USB to barrel wire:

You will usually find devices with widely spaced sockets with the home theater equipment. :sunglasses:

There are three standard approaches to this issue that I know of.

One) get a “rotating” power strip where each socket can be rotated. I personally think these look awful, but some people like them.

Two) get a standard power strip was widely spaced sockets and use brackets to put it upside down under the back of the desk. This satisfies people who don’t want to look at the plugs all the time, and works quite well. ( I know this one doesn’t have wide spacing, but it was the best picture I saw of the mounting style)

Three) my personal favorite is to get a “tower” design surge protector. be warned, however, that many of these are cheap Chinese devices with no safety ratings. I personally will pay the extra $20 to get one which has an ETL or UL listing for safety. :sunglasses:

The following model is now ETL listed, and 4.5 stars at Amazon. But you can find other similar brands at places like Best Buy. Again, look in the home theater section and you are more likely to find widely spaced sockets.


They also have an even more expensive model that has a 12 foot cord, which is nice for some locations.

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