Looking for lightswitch that can be turned on by remote relay

I have a need to have a lightswitch (that can function normally as a switch) that I can turn on/off via a relay. Is there anything out there that could possibly do this?

Here is my scenario. I am installing a Pentair Easytouch for my pool with Screenlogic. It has 8 relays to fire different pumps/blowers, etc. It can do lights however my pool is old and when they built it, the light switches for the pool/spa lights are in two different places on my pool deck. No real way to get them wired back to my pump area where my controller will be. So I was going to replace the switches with GE Zwaves but then realized if I can find something that can function as a switch but also fire from a relay via zwave/zigbee, I could use two relays on my panel to activate them from Screenlogic.

Anyone have any ideas?


Will Fibaro switches be suitable?
There are 2 types.

not sure. aren’t these like 5V feeds? i have one running my kitchen LEDs but i don’t see how that would immediately fire a switch when powered on.