Zwave switch help

Hi Guys,
This is my first time on any forum so forgive me if I break any protocols. I am looking for some advice with remote device control. I would like to control blinds from a standard wall switch, We have a live and a neutral in the switch box, the idea is to use a 2gang push button, one for up, one for down connected to the 2 zwave switch inputs. I would like to use either the aeon micro switch or fibaro switch to achieve this. There would not be any load connected to the output of the switch, can the inputs S1 and S2 be used as " remote/virtual inputs" to the controller to active other modules or scenes. So when S1 is activated by the push button the controller will register the input and trigger an action? The information I have found indicates a load is required and that S1 is used to control a local load and S2 is used to trigger scenes? Is this correct, or can I wire without a load connected and use both S1 and S2 as described? We would also apply this for lighting circuits that need to be controlled from multiple area, ie: outside lights that will need to switched on from different doors.

Thomas, you don’t have to have a load on the switch. As long as the switch itself has line, neutral, and ground you are good to go. I have a switch in one of my bedrooms with no load that once toggled a GE smart outlet across the room toggles. This is done via Smart Lighting app.

So what you are trying to accomplish seems doable but it important to note that you can only get on/off events, not push versus hold events via wall switch. I mention this because if you expect to hold on for a few seconds and want the blinds to go up partially, that won’t work.

Search the community for “blinds” as there are several threads outlining ideas on making them work with SmartThings.

Hi Richierich,
Thanks for the reply. The switch you are using is it an aeon micro switch?