Looking for ideas for a few projects

Greetings, this is my first time posting in this community. :slight_smile: Been a user of ST for almost 2 years now and LOVE this system (even with some of its issues). After a spending a LOT of money automating MOST of my apartment, I have a couple of remaining projects that I’m looking for suggestions with. Keep in mind that I’m in an apartment and anything permanent would be frowned upon.

1). Automate ceiling fan.

I have a ceiling fan that is powered by a single light switch. The fan is a pull-chain style fan. I turn the switch on, the whole fixture gets power. If I want to turn 4 candelabra style lights or the fan, I pull the chain. One for the light fixture, the other for the fan. BUT here’s what I THINK is a problem and why I haven’t tackled this sooner. If I have normal incandescent bulbs in the light fixture, they work great. Once I swapped them out with CFL, or even LEDs, they start flickering. LEDs are a LOT worse. From what I have been finding out about the flickering, it seems that I don’t have a neutral wire, or its not wired correctly. So, I’m looking for possible ideas here. What I was thinking was leaving the light switch on all the time (like I do with the rest of my lights) and maybe get 2 of those AEON labs mini controllers. Question would be which one, and would the neutral wire situation cause an issue.

2). Automate my 72 gallon aquarium.

A couple years ago, the built in water heater in my EHeim water filter stopped working. Apparently the temperature sending probe has failed and I have been unable to find replacement parts. So, I have been looking for a way to control the water heater (which has a separate 110 plug) but I can’t find any waterproof thermometers that would tie into ST.

3). Automate my new Bali blinds.

I REALLY love these blinds :Bali Blinds on Amazon.
I got/installed the last one today and thought there MUST be a way to automate these.

4). Has any seen/heard of globe bulbs that work with ST?

Again, I’m looking for suggestions and ideas. Keep in mind I am by no means an electrician, but understand the basics. So fire away and help me complete my whole home automation goal! :slight_smile:

  1. There are many discussions here on ceiling fans, but there has been no perfect solution found yet.

– The best option I have seen so far and what I am going to most likely do to do in most rooms of our house is the GE/Jasco Z-Wave Fan Switch and separate Z-Wave Dimmer. The drawback to this solution is that it requires a double gang box and running a new piece of 14/3 wire from the switch box to the ceiling box.

3.Let us know if you find something I like those.

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Apex Jr is a great aquarium controller. Have one on my 55g, controls the pumps, heaters(1 main 1 backup), fan for cooling in summer and skimmer. Not ST compatible but does a great job and is highly programmable.

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@sdjernes Thanks for the suggestion. But unfortunately the switch is already in a double gang box with a standard 110 outlet. So doubling up wouldn’t work. That’s why I was thinking about the AEON mini controllers that I could put in the fixtures themselves.