Advice needed for first time project

Good morning, hopefully I get this in the right area.

I’ve decided to take the plunge into SmartThings and have my first project in mind, but have no idea what all I will need to accomplish my goals. This is going to be a bathroom project and will involve a combo fan/light overhead with a vanity light bar over the mirror (separate switch). I’m comfortable with wiring and electricity, for what that is worth.

My goals are:

  • Turn overhead light on when someone enters the room, and keep it on for 5 minutes from last detected motion.
  • Provide for manual on/off of the light above the mirror
  • Provide rules and future abilities to control light above the mirror

Seems simple enough, but I can’t seem to tell what are all the components I will need to make this happen, beyond my initial SmartHub, I am also concerned about devices that are going to be OK in the humidity of the bathroom.

Looking forward to responses and being an active participant here in the community as I continue forth on my HA projects.

Question: Will the light/fan come on at the same time or will they be wired separately? My combo fan/light is wired separately.

You will need

  • Motion Sensor

  • Smart Switch to control fan light or a smart bulb for use with a standard dumb switch.

  • Smart Switch to control fan(if separating out the circuit) and want to control it with ST.

  • Smart Switch to control the vanity light. This will still allow local control of the lights and control with ST.

Light and fan are wired together… If there was a way to separate them, that would be great, but I fear it would require running additional electrical wire to the fan/light combo to separate. Unless there was a unit out there that allowed for remote control of the fan/ligh using single power source.

without knowing how the unit is powered, its hard to say. There very well may be 2 separate power wires, 1 for the light and 1 for the fan… they may be connected together and powered off the same switch. If that is the case, there are devices to separate them but if its a single wire for powering the unit, its probably not possible to separate them.

Depending on the fan and how much room is in the wire box, you could possibly control both with 2 Aeon Labs micro switches.

After some further discover they are controlled by separate lines and are currently just wired to the same switch… I keep finding little nuggets like this from the prior owner… So, I can separate them.

If they are separate, I would use the micro switches as @mander mentioned.

There appears to be a lot of options in Smart Switches, any guidance?

If I go with a ZWave switch, does that mean that I will need something additional to the ST Hub, or does it already support it?

ST supports Z-Wave. I am using mostly the GE Smart Switch/Dimmer currently, but I do have some Leviton and other switches. Doesn’t sound like you need a dimmer switch, but they are about the same price.

Here is a comparison of the Leviton vs GE dimmer switch:

Placed order for hub, 3 switches, motion sensor and bunch of new LED bulbs for that room. Should all be in Wed. Will let you know how the install goes. May need some advice on configuration/setup.