Is there a dual z-wave duplex electric socket?

I didn’t list this as “requested device” since I’m hoping one of these is on the market.

What I’d like is a electrical duplex-style wall socket where both sockets are z-wave controllable. My application is to control an outdoor fountain/ light combination. I’d like to control the lights to go on at dusk and off at near midnight. But I’d like the fountain to run from dawn to an hour after dusk. Two z-wave controllable sockets in a single duplex box would be perfect, and easy to install and operate.

From what I see, there are several z-wave duplex socket boxes, where 1 of the 2 sockets is z-wave controllable. I don’t want to put in 2 socket boxes to get 2 controllable sockets. I thought about using the smartthings plug controller to turn the other into a zigbee controllable socket, but I have to fit this into an outdoor enclosure and the installation looks like I would have to replace the total box & enclosure to do this.

So… does anyone know of a dual z-wave controllable duplex socket? Where both sockets in the box are z-wave controllable?

Incidently my kludge fix to this, is since this is going to be used for three identical urn fountains each some 20’ apart, with base lighting on each, is to run all the lights power back in series through some buried conduit to one z-wave outlet at one end of the yard, and all the fountains power back through another buried conduit to another z-wave outlet at the other end of the yard. It would be better to control each separately, but this way I can at least control the lights with one switch and the fountains with another.

you can use a single z-wave socket and an outdoor GE plug on the none z-wave plug. I haven’t seen any dual z-wave socket so far. Would be even better for a GFCI z-wave plug.

Look for a two relay device from philo or enerwave.

Then install it behind your regular outlet.

Break the tab on the hot side and wire each socket to the relay.

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