Looking for alternative to ring.com

We tried the ring.com doorbell and the ring stickup cam, but just had too many problems both with the product and with their support and customer service to continue trying to make it work for us.

I’m hoping to get some suggestions as to where to go next. I’ll outline what I need, then ask my specific questions at the end. What we really need is:

Video at our front door so that we can see who is there
— Motion detection needs to kick in about 15-20 ft away (or more) in daytime
— Minimal delay between motion detection and start of recording and notification, so that person can’t be there and gone before the technology wakes up and starts doing its thing
— Some way to talk to someone there would be great, but it can be separate from the camera and is the least important feature

Video at the end of our driveway so that we can see who drives up
— Motion detection needs to kick in 20-45 ft away in daytime
— Same need for minimal delay

Network storage

Preference is for wifi, but I can potentially do power-over-ethernet. I was looking at the D-Link outdoor cameras and video recorder.

My specific questions are:

  1. Does anyone have experience successfully setting something up like this? What did you use?
  2. I am not yet a smartthings user, but I would strongly prefer to migrate towards a solution where I’m using a central control of some kind. So I’m trying to figure out why the D-Link cameras are supported but the video recorder is not – can I bypass the video recorder and set up my own recorder using the SmartThings hub?