Looking for a solution to provide a momentary switch that closes a remote dry contact / relay for HVAC ventilation

I looked at NO Voltage Dry Contact Relay, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for.

I have an HVAC system that will go into high speed ventilation with a momentary closure of a circuit (0V). The idea is a switch in a bathroom is tapped to do this. The place is not wired between bathroom and HVAC, so my idea is some sort of remote deal. Ideally this would be a nice-looking rocker switch I could place beside the light switch, but another fancy value-add would be a doorbell type of battery operated wireless button mounted beside the toilet or shower… In which case, I suppose I could shop for a doorbell of suitable style, and try to rewire the bell portion to connect to a relay that’d close the circuit upon depression of the doorbell…

Anybody have any creative workarounds or thoughts? Thanks!

If I understand what you’re describing, I think most people use a Mimolite for the HVAC side, depending on the exact specs of your system.

Then you can use any battery operated device that can communicate with the smartthings hub for the button/switch that the user operates. The button sends a message to the hub, the hub sends a message to the Mimolite.

Here’s the FAQ list for buttons that work with smartthings. Some of these look more like switches, some look more like buttons, some are handheld, some are wallmount, some are battery powered, some are mains powered. So read the descriptions carefully. Then if you have any questions about a specific device, ask those in the thread for that device, not in the FAQ itself, which is just supposed to be a list with one post per device.

@ogiewon Or some of the other maker folks might have some ideas for other approaches. :sunglasses:


+1 I use the MIMOlite for a momentary switch. :+1: