Relay with switch? (Retrofit existing pushbutton communication system)

Hi folks,
I have an ST hub and contact sensor set up at work that notifies me of a fire alarm activation triggered when smoke curtains come down (contacts separate when curtain drops).

I have a second problem which I’m hoping someone can help me with. I have a communication system present in a room that is activated by a push button. The button is connected via an RJ11 cable with two contacts. When the button is pressed, the circuit is momentarily closed and the system is activated. I want to add a wireless switch to this system using ST. Is a relay the correct item to use and if so can anyone recommend something simple and cost effective? It just needs to join the two contacts for a moment. I’m not so good with electronics but I think I could successfully strip and RJ11 and wire the contacts into a relay with screws. Does the relay itself need to be powered some how and if so, with what? There’s power available in the room. Do they come with mains adaptors?
As a follow on, will any z-wave scene controller button be able to activavate my relay? Ideally I want a single button.

I want user to be able to push a single button which momentarily joins two low voltage contacts and activates my existing communication system.

I’d appreciate any advice.

Tagging @johnconstantelo in case he has any ideas. :sunglasses:

Thanks @JDRoberts!

Hi @Dave_Wallace,

Take a look at FortrezZ’s Mimolite. It’s a very versatile device,and I use them for door openers and motorized valves. Others in the Community use these as well.

You can have the device behave as a momentary device (you can set the delay) so it can do exactly what you want. It uses a separate power supply (provided).

The Mimolite doesn’t have a button on it, but you can use it along side your physical button. Just put the device somewhere out of sight and run 2 wires to it from your comm system (parallel with the existing button), perhaps where your comm system is located.

As an alternative, you can completely do away with the physical button with the Mimolite. Put the Mimolite somewhere out of sight, and use something like Aeon’s minimote remote, or the Iris single button. In this scenario you’ll rely on a SmartApp to link the button and Mimolite. The downside of this setup will be any outage of your Internet connection (due to not everything running local on your hub), or an ST outage, will prevent the Mimolite from working.

If you need a wireless switch because you have to move your physical button, then the alternative I mentioned above is ok - just realize the dependencies on the Cloud.

If you don’t need to move the physical button, and just want wireless control, then I’d keep you physical button and use the Mimolite in parallel to give you wireless control. You can still use the Aeon or Iris device too.

Does that help you out a little?

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