Hacking a not so smart VIDEX 3011A intercom handset

(Kyle ) #1

Hello All,

I’m looking to hack/tinker my way into a dumb Intercom system i have on my rented apartment using a couple of typical wired relay tricks . . . but the smart way.

The intercom outside/downstairs isn’t so relevant, its more the handset im looking to crack into which is a
VIDEX - 3011A

My basic aim is to make it so:

1.) when the buzzer is pressed downstairs and the 3011A handset usually makes a noise (buzzes) that i can instead make that turn on a virtual switch or activate an audio message via sonos or send me a notification or turn a light on etc etc etc

2.) from the st app i want to be able to press a tile and activate a 10 second momentary closure of the door release relay on the handset… below image illustrates the only bit ive worked out, that Cables 3 & 5 Closed = DOOR RELEASE

my electrical knowledge is BASIC so i need to know a few things . . .

A.) what can i use to detect the buzz (downstairs button press) been received by the 3011A unit and turn that into a switch in smartthings, is there any sort of relay/button module available that could do this with minimal wiring that already has a device type.

B.) what device available is best for handling the low power relay required to close cables 3&5 to activate the door release downstairs (and can it be used in a momentary style with a set time period)

image below of my unit and a chart of what each cable is for . . . there is tons of plans and wiring guides and stuff on google for this unit i just dont understand many . . . if i can identify this project is possible and know what to buy i will have an electrician friend help me materialize it.

(sidjohn1) #2

Where there is buzzing or ringing there is typically vibration. You should be able to accomplish this using the smart sence multis’ accelerometer to send notifications on vibration.

(Kyle ) #3

Great Idea @sidjohn1, was hoping to turn the volume down on the buzzer once this is done though, as its essentially one of the reasons im wanting to do this . . . but yes if i cant get a more direct connection, then this idea may have to be. ideally however id like to tap straight into it direct (cabled)

:slight_smile: good idea mind you, i genuinely id never thought of it

(Mike Maxwell) #4

Get a voltmeter (set to AC and start somewhere above 24V), place on terminals 3 and 4, see what sort of voltage you get when someone presses the button.
If you get a reading, then get a very small coil AC relay within range of the voltage reading you saw above, connect the coil to terminals 3 and 4. You can then connect the relay contacts to a contact sensor that has external contact terminals, such as a monoprice unit.

(Kyle ) #5

Thats the money shot . . . Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Do You have a “best plan of attack” for getting a smart relay that will be suitable to close the 3&5 terminals in a momentary fashion to emulate the door release button that is intergratable with ST

Thanks kyle

(Mike Maxwell) #6

Funny, i was wondering if that was coming next… You are now looking for a dry contact zwave relay, I have no specific recommendation in that regard, but folks usually use them for garage door controllers and sometimes door bell notifiers.
I believe that the mimoLite zwave device has input capabilities in addition to it’s relay output, it may be possible to use this for both functions, though it’s likely that a custom device would have to be written to advantage that… Others that use these may be able to weigh in in that regard.

(Kyle ) #7

Someone get this man a medal :slight_smile:

i need a few of you wizards in my neighberhood . . . Im more of an ideas guy and im still learning (trying as hard as i can) the more technical / coding / electrical side of things (we have all got to start somewhere aye)

thanks alot, its really appreciated mike, ill look into that…

MIMOlite + Doorbell + SmartThings
(Paul) #8

I use a MIMOlite to both monitor and control my doorbell. Keep in mind you will need to make a device type for whatever dry contact relay you want that closes and then opens the relay after a set amount of time. Doorbells and door buzzers are not meant to be held open inevitably, and I’ve found that building this momentary state into the device type is the most reliable way. SmartApps that simulate momentary functions are not reliable enough.

An example device type is linked in this thread:

(Kyle ) #9

Fantastic - wouldnit be possible for this to be tweaked so i could press a tile in the same decice type which the triggered my door lock release relay as mentioned above (y) so then the mimolite would know and notify me if anyone pressed the buzzer/bell and then i could press a tile to release the door relay and let them in eithout going to the door :slight_smile:

(Paul) #10

The device type in the linked thread will do exactly what you want with a MIMOlite. It takes contact-closure input, and has momentary dry contact output. The only difference between what I do and what you will do is that you will need a relay between the buzzer wires and the MIMOlite input. Use the “Notify Me When…” SmartApp to get a notification when the MIMOlite detects input, and then just push the tile to close the dry contact relay to open the door.

(Kyle ) #11

You my friend are a 110% legend !!! I shall order a mimolite now :slight_smile:

(Kyle ) #12

One last question @NorCalLights before I drive you insane - can you think of any ideal plug n play relays that would be ideal for this project that i can just screw the wires into sort thing

(god i made that sound so amature haha)

Im one of those who knows what to do but not what to do it with haha, once ive got my shopping list ill be able to do the physical side as ive grasped that bit, but with me not been electrically knowledgable/minded im not sure whats the best relay type or product to complete certain things (ps: please feel reasured my electrician friend will actually be doing the hack once i receive the required items haha)

(Mike Maxwell) #13

Do your voltage testing, post the results here, then I can recommend a relay for you.
PM me if I miss your update…

(Kyle ) #14

Will do so asap and let you know mike, thanks alot :slight_smile:

(Kyle ) #15

@Mike_Maxwell - i had my electrician mate nip round with his voltage readers, the reading was 9V (DC)



(Mike Maxwell) #16

OK, to be clear the reading was 0 when not rung and 9vdc when rung correct?
If so then this or the like should do the trick:
amazon uk relay
It will require some soldering, may need to get a few pints ready for your mate.

I selected this relay as it has a very small coil, and therefore won’t place a lot of load on the intercom.
The larger relays that have screw terminals (which would be easier to wire), but have larger coils and draw more current, we wouldn’t want to piss off the super by smoking the intercom head unit.

(Kyle ) #17

Fantastic - thank you very much mike

i guess i better find someone good with a soldering iron and knows there way round a breadboard haha . . .

thanks again