Able to use Aeon Labs Smart Microswitch as a momentary switch for hot water recirc loop?

(Darold Anderson) #1

I have an on-demand hot water system that has 2 low voltage push buttons that activate the circulation pump which is self timed for ~10 minutes. I would like to use the microswitch in line with it (near a power source of course), but need to know if it can be set as a momentary switch.

Or… any other good ideas for this type of control? Maybe an evolve relay would be better?

I saw this post Green Smart Hot Water Recirculator but it doesn’t really cover what i’m looking for (although the app may be very useful!)

(Mike Maxwell) #2

You could also use a mimoLite as well.
The AEON isn’t a good option for this application since it would require a separate relay as well as hacking up the device code to provide the momentary “on” function.
Any dry contact relay type device should work here.
Look at what folks are doing to run their garage doors, since the functions are very similar.

(Paul) #3

@Deanderson2 You need a dry-contact relay. I use the Linear FS20Z-1 to control my hot water recirculation pump.

To make it momentary, use code like:

switch.on() 500)

Which would give you a half-second (500ms) momentary pulse.

What is the function of each of the two low-voltage buttons on your unit?

(Darold Anderson) #4

Simple monetary switches that turn on the hot recirc pump… it’s timed to run for several minutes so the water is hot as soon as you step in the shower, wash dishes, etc. My longer-term vision is to create a smart app to combine the zwave monetary functionality with a vibration sensor on the pump so the push-button in smart things can go yellow when the pump is running and green when it’s idle.