Zigbee Button That Looks Like a Paddle Switch?

The Zooz zen34 looks like a regular paddle switch, but is actually a battery operated z-wave button. I want to use something like this to control my Ikea smart blinds.

There are many Zigbee buttons that have their own distinctive shape and don’t fit in a regular wall electrical box. Are there any Zigbee buttons like the zen34 that look like a regular switch?

Tagging @johnconstantelo , just because he has a lot of Zigbee kit and might know of one…

  1. Jasco does make rocker style Zigbee switches, but only mains powered ones. Nothing battery powered that I’ve seen. I mostly mentioning that because it’s likely the first one that will come up if you search for Zigbee rocker. But again, Mains powered.


  1. RunLessWire makes the “click” “friends of Hue” Zigbee green power switch which can look exactly like either a single rocker or a skinny double rocker. These use kinetic energy, so they don’t need batteries, but they also don’t need to be wired to the mains. I have a couple in my own house and like them a lot.

There are two issues. One, they are definitely expensive, typically around $55. That’s not horrible if you use them in the double rocker configuration since you’re getting four actionable buttons (left top, left, bottom, right, top, right bottom). Two, because they use the ZGP profile, and that is not supported by the SmartThings/aeotec hub, you can only use them if they are connected to a Hue bridge.

On the plus side, they are sturdy, reliable, and come in a bunch of different colors. They are the same size as a regular US single gang light switch.


Even more colors, including black, are available on the manufacturer website. The price shown is for a two pack.

(Just make sure you get the “friends of Hue“ model. The others don’t work with the Hue Bridge or SmartThings.)

  1. echostar makes a super skinny rocker (SAGE206611) which some community members were able to get working with SmartThings with a groovy DTH. I don’t know if anyone’s done an edge driver or not. It fits over an existing switch, but it doesn’t move the switch underneath. And it doesn’t have an on/off state. It’s just a button that tells the smartthings hub that it was pressed. Batterypowered.

Typically available on eBay for just under $15, I don’t know if it’s available anywhere else. I think it’s usually sold to echostar system installers.

Here’s the discussion thread with more details:

How to setup Sage 206611 Zigbee smart switch cover?

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Thanks for tagging me @JDRoberts! Sorry @martincmartin , I don’t know of any that look like a regular switch.

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Thanks to both of you. Now that I think of it, a regular Zigbee mains powered light switch could work. I just don’t hook it up to any light, instead, I just use it in routines. A little odd, but should work.


If that’s your solution, Inovelli makes Zigbee switches (Blue series). They’ll run you a few dollars more than the Jasco / GE one but the LED indicator is a nice bonus feature.