Sensor for Sump Pit

Hi I’m looking for a sensor that can hang in my sump pit to detect water. Right now I have a sump pump about 3 feet down in my sump pit. I’d like to hang a sensor about 2 feet down the pit. That way if the pump fails and water rises I can get an alert on my smartphone. Can someone point me in the right direction as far as what sensor I should use? I’m neither tech savy nor handy :slight_smile: Thanks!

Some people use this one:

Should be plug and play with smartthings.

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@acscom go to lowe’s they have the Utilitech Water Leak Detector White Indoor Only Flood Sensor it works with Smartthings and you can get it for 29.95. I use this on my sump pump pit and it doing a good job.

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+1 for the utilitech with the leads

+2 for the utilitech. I already have one in my sump and it works very well.

Any issues with splashing in the pit inadvertently setting off the sensor? Said another way, do you need to shield the sensor prongs at all?

I haven’t had any issues. It might if the splash was big enough to allow the pins to connect across the water, just like they would on a ground puddle. I haven’t tested splashing them, though. It really depends on what the reaction time is of the device. I could try to play with this over the weekend in a sink. I have another one that is not in our sump that I could use.

I had the same concern. I took a plastic easter egg (the larger half) and cut it to shield the sensor from above and side splashes. So only rising water from below should get it. My sump ran all day yesterday because of rain and melting snow and I didn’t get any wet notifications. I know the water sensor works because I recently tested it.

Great idea! I was thinking about using a wiffle type plastic golf ball, but that would do the trick also.

Finally replaced my sump pump I went with the very manly pink Easter egg on the flood sensor like @greg recommended. Tested it out and it works great!