Looking for a Camera that can be turnned off when someone is home

I am looking for a camera that I can be turned off when someone is home

You can do this with any came. Just connect it to a smart power plug.
The question is what do you want out of the camera?
Ease of use?
Ease of setup?
Access to live/recorded from remote?
Wired/wireless/totaly wireless?
How many?
How much you want to pay for the system?

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I have several cameras that are Off when someone is home. Just add a smart power outlet or smart inline switch to the power supply of the camera and use webcore to turn the supply to the switch on or off based on the presence sensors you use.

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You can use Arlo or Blink cameras. And you can turn them on and off via their respective integrations.
I use Blink cameras. And they hit all of the YES answers on my list above.
Depend on your choice.

The camera is really just to check in on our dogs and tell them to stop!
so it would need 2 way audio. Never though of a smart plug great suggestion
Thanks All

You can even do with a Nest Camera by integrating with SmartThing’s. It turns off when you are home and back on when you leave. You can even set it to turn on when an intrusion is detected while you are home, for instance you turn security on stay mode for the night

Than you can just get a generic wifi camera which has a 2-way audio and connect it to the smart plug. That will do the job for you. And you can set the plug to turn off via Smart Lighting app in ST or Routine change.

Arlo cameras are also recognized as a switch. You can simply set it up in Smart Lighting to turn off when you arrive home and turn on when you leave.

@Al_Fiala wants 2-way audio.

Arlo Q fits the bill. 2-way audio, on-off via ST integration.

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