Giving Arlo an Auto Home/Away with SmartThings

So Arlo and SmartThings aren’t currently integrated together yet, and Arlo doesn’t offer an auto away or home feature so I had to come up with a way to automate Arlo into the SmartThings ecosystem. If anyone is currently using Arlo for there home monitoring this should work for the time being.

  1. Connect Arlo to a compatible SmartThings plug.
  2. Arm Arlo to “All Motion On”
  3. Set the plug to turn On when Away
  4. Set the plug to turn off when Home
  5. Set the plug to turn off when Morning
  6. Set the plug to turn on when Night

This allows me to have Arlo turn on and off based on the presence of who’s how and gone. So far its working fantastic.


I think he meant connect the Arlo hub to the outlet? I have my nest cams on outlets but for some reason I didn’t think to plug the arlo hub into one to see how quick boots up…


Boot up on the hub doesn’t take long at all. It takes 1 - 2 minutes tops.

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This sounds fantastic, I have been eyeing the arlo system, I’m wondering with the arlo hub being turned off when you are home saves on battery’s in the cameras because they are not streaming?

How long have you had the system? Can you comment on the quality of night vision?

My other concern his how well will these cameras work as the weather get colder

Very smart! good idea. Thanks

Have had mine for a year. I did not change the batteries in either one yet. Also, the vision is great, although both my front porch and back are illuminated at night. I have additional motion sensors, so when motion is detected my lights come on at 100%. When things quiet down, my lights go to 10%.

Someone with more time than I may be able to whip this into a suitable application but here is some code that, when ran, will update the mode of an Arlo system. It shows how to perform authentication and then set a mode.

You’ll need to login to the website and use the “Network” tab in your browser’s developer tools to determine the correct identifier to send (for me it was “mode1” in this example).

That is a great idea! But does anyone here know if and when Arlo will be officially supported by smart things? I read somewhere that SmartThings was officially planning an app. Any information would be be greatly appreciated.

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There is an on/off button on the back of the hub. If the hub is on when power to the connected outlet is cut, when power is returned to the connected outlet will the hub be in a powered on state?

Great news! Arlo is now officially supported by Smartthings. Which means, online monitoring, use of motion sensors, everyting works seamlessly with Smartthings. Check it out, it’s awesome.

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