"Logitech Harmony Trigger" smartthings app is broken (resolved)

I’ve spent several hours trying to get this app to connect with my Logitech home control hub but it’s been nothing but a frustrating experience. There’s a related discussion in a Logitech Harmony related Mega thread but this being a very specific issue I’m opening a new topic.
BTW, I do have the logitech harmony app sync’d up with smartthings so I can control my lights with the harmony remote. I really need to be able to control my AV devices with smartthings which is where the problem is.

Here’s what I’m doing… please help!!!

Go to the Marketplace screen
Switch to SmartApps tab
Scroll to bottom and select “More”
On the next screen scroll to “Logitech Harmony Trigger” and select it
I get to this screen:

Select “Install”, now you see this screen:

Press “Tap to Set” and you get to this screen instantaneously:

It says no devices to connect and this is a DEAD END.

Note that I have a single Harmony hub remote in my logitech account.

Hi @zraken that SmartApp is for after you’ve added your hubs to ST as a device, which is why you’re seeing no devices. Try going to the Marketplace -> Things -> Entertainment -> Remotes & Buttons -> Logitech -> Logitech Harmony Home Hub.

Based on the other thread it appears there might be an issue with ST discovering the Harmony Hubs at this time, but you would need to do this step before using the Harmony Trigger SmartApp.

Thanks for the help, so I did that step and then I noticed that under “SmartApps” there was an entry for Logitech Harmony (… no idea what this is. I logged in from the web to see the listed SmartApps but this one did not show up on the web portal. Here’s what I’m seeing on the app:

Anyway, now going back to my steps in my first post - still the same results. I suppose it could be related to the problems others are seeing.
Hoping Smartthings will weigh in here, I opened a support ticket yesterday and no response so far.

That is the Logitech Harmony (Connect) SmartApp that would be created/installed by the step I mentioned above. The Logitech integration is similar to the Hue integration in that it uses a Service Manager SmartApp that creates Child Devices. In the Logitech instance the Logitech Harmony (Connect) SmartApp will discover and create devices for your Logitech Hubs, which is why the process is under Things.

If you go into that SmartApp it should allow you to try and Discover your Hubs again. If that discovery doesn’t work, support is your best option. Unfortunately Logitech has broken this integration several times over the last year after updates on their end, but you never know.

Several people are reporting problems with many different apps, including just smart lighting, not being able to find devices that were listed on the previous screen in the same smartapp. Even Zwave repair is failing to find known devices for some people. Screenshots are being posted, and it doesn’t look like any kind of procedural error on the user side.

I would definitely report it to support@smartthings.com with your screenshots. I don’t think this has anything to do with a specific integration.

So I clicked through that mysterious SmartApp and it let me configure the Logitech Harmony interface and the Hub finally showed up on Smartthings.
Wow, this is such a convoluted process.
Hopefully this topic will help the next poor soul that attempts to do this.

Good timing, I actually just got my Logitech home control hub in the mail yesterday. I only had time to set-up the Harmony side of things last night.

So now to the SmartThings side of the Harmony set-up. I just followed the above steps:

Voila! It added the Logitech Harmony device on my Hub. No issues.

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Does anyone knows when will be in the UK ?