Logitech Harmony Hub locks up

I’m not sure if this is the right Forum but my Harmony Hub will lock up randomly during the day. I get a red light on it and I don’t know what’s causing it. It’s unable to be used from the app with the remote so it just is locked in place.

I have a WeMo switch attached to it so that I can remotely reboot it but this doesn’t seem like normal behavior and I’m not sure why this would happen.

I have this running with my SmartThings and Alexa devices

Any other integrations such as KuKu? Updated firmware? Could just be a bad device…

I have 3 and can remember only once where one of them was acting up. Don’t know what fixed it either…

Nope it only has ST and Alexa integration. I saw it freeze today and there wasn’t a reason for it.

The Harmony hub solid Red light happens when the harmony hub is not available, most commonly because it is either syncing with the cloud account or downloading a firmware update or your Wi-Fi is offline.


Not sure I think I might be a WiFi issue but all my other devices work perfectly that are in that vicinity.

Both the remote and the app are unresponsive so something is causing it.

Support is not very supportive and it’s just asked me to buy a new Hub which I will not do.

Harmony hub hates changing channels on your WiFi. Make sure that you have a static channel, and not auto!


If the app is also unresponsive, that sounds like an issue with the harmony cloud.

Also, if I remember correctly, have can only operate on 2.4 GHz, so if your other devices on 5.0 You might not notice issues with those. Make sure your phone or tablet is on the same network as your hub.

Then Try going to the website on a laptop and synch the hub from there.

It’s static because I had to change the channel due to zigbee issues a few months back

The other devices are either Ethernet wired (shieldtv, avr, TV) or an Alexa

There are a few wemos over there too now that I think about it.

I really wish it was wired… Anyway, have you plugged it into a computer and done a firmware update recently?

Additionally, I found that if I shared too many home automation devices to the Harmony Hub, it would cause it to crash and reboot all the time.

I also have experienced the ‘red light’ Harmony Hub Lockup which is frustrating. The Hub takes about 45 seconds for it to recover to a green normal condition and responsive to the remote. My NetGear NightHawk router shows DHCP request each time, which would account for the hub’s soft reboot.

I removed the Ecobee integration and left only SmartThings in the Harmony Home Automation device list. It locks up less frequently now. I would remove SmartThings, but I think I need that for the Alexa voice command integration I desire.

I really doubt it’s nothing on my wireless router AP side, since all other wireless devices nearby (RoKu, Blu-Ray, TiVo, Camera, etc) all acquire a string signal and do not loose the signal from their logs.

I think that a recent Harmony firmware release has been problematic and Harmony support is chirp-chirp?

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I was also havijng issues with my harmony hub yesterday, freezing up and reassigning all the buttons on harmkny remote without any warning. Seems to be working better now.

It is frustrating. Especially when the wife needs it and can’t use it.

Is the only way to update firmware is to plug into a computer?

I can’t remember I’m afraid, I know I’ve had to plug it into a computer to do various things occasionally, can’t remember if one of them is a firmware update.

Normally updates are just downloaded directly to the hub, but if something has gone wrong then you might need to use a laptop.

I’ve had my Harmony Hub less than a month and it’s been wonderful, until now it’s suddenly randomly showing just red LED and not responding to remote till about a minute after pressing a button. Today I plugged it into the MyHarmony software on my MacBook and sync’d it. If it persists I’m going to try the various stabs in the dark I’ve read about:

  • Force the WAP to a specific channel, not auto-select
  • Ensure the WAP is only 2.4GHz not 5.
  • Assign a static IP to the Hub.

I have done all of that and still have issues.

Shouldn’t Logitech honor it’s warranty in cases like this? Mine is less than a month old.

Mine are both older but they do not stand by the product. I have have tickets open for a year without resolution. I have the hub now attached to a smart switch and cycle it daily which helps a little bit.