Logitech Harmony 650 Remote

I bought a Harmony Hub and it came with a 650 remote. The hub works well. Does anyone love the 650 Remote? Or is it the stinking heap 'o crap that I just threw out the window?

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Is there a Logitech remote that truly integrates with Harmony Hub?

My favorite Harmony remote is the One. However, they no longer make that one. I now use two of the 650’s for my TV’s and an IP-based remote for my home theater. The 650 is fine for its cost and it seems to perform all it’s supposed to do well enough.

The 650 was actually one of my favorite Logitech remotes, at least usability wise. I liked it so much (prior to the SmartThings era) that I bought a spare just in case they stopped making it (the buttons do tend to wear out after a few years). It doesn’t look that high-tech anymore but the button layout works well and there is enough configurability to do just about everything I needed.

Then I got the Logitech hub and started using the Ultimate touch screen remote. As much as I hate the button layout, I seem to hate aiming an IR remote at my equipment even more and found that the RF feature of the hub based models compensated pretty much for the terrible ergonomics of the touchscreen. So I find myself using it in preference to the 650.

Thanks for the input guys. My 650 when I press an activity button does nothing then asks me to hit the Help button. Then it goes through my programmed steps and works. Did that fix the problem? I hit Yes. But it does the same thing next time I press the button for that activity. Also, it requires line of sight for the IR and does not have Bluetooth. It’s totally useless for me. When I bought this set I assumed the remote would work through the hub as you say the Ultimate does. So, for about 80 bucks I can get a refurbed Ultimate One. Would this send commands through the hub and have Bluetooth?
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Where did you find a bundle that included a 650 + Harmony Hub?

Usually it is the Ultimate, Elite, or Companion remote bundled with a Harmony Hub. All of these remotes communicate directly with the Harmony Hub, which then issues the IR/BT commands. As far as I know, the 650 is just an IR remote that has nothing to do with the Harmony Hub.

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My fault, I didn’t do my research. But at $110 not a bad deal. I’ll find some use for the 650. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0791MNGY8

Logitech makes a series of touch screen remotes as well as the non-touch screen Companion that can be paired to the hub. The Ultimate One would work. Of course even without a touch screen remote, you can get full functionality by using the My Harmony app on your tablet or phone, with the exception of the IR emitter built into some of the harmony touch screen remotes which can be configured to supplement its RF capability.

Some of the annoying help prompts in the 650 can be turned off, as I recall though it’s been awhile since I configured one. The activity buttons will work (once configured) to initiate Harmony activities; they keep track of the on/off and input state of your components, which may take some getting used to if you haven’t used an activity-based remote before. It has nothing to do with the Harmony Hub ecosystem other than the setup utility as by now I’m sure you figured out, but it makes a decent stand alone remote that is useful in a pinch if the batteries in your Ultimate or tablet go dead unexpectedly.

You should be able to simply buy this $30 remote and add it to your Harmony Hub. This assumes you have the newer Harmony Hub and not the old discontinued one.

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My Hub is the 815-000118, I’ll assume that is an older one.

That’s the same model # I have; it works fine paired with an add-on Companion and touchscreen Ultimate One (and, an older Touch which preceded it).

The old one was called the ‘Harmony Link Hub’ and has been killed off by Logitech.

Thanks much for the info, guys. I have ordered the refurbed Ultimate One. I may get the Smart Remote Add-on for the bedroom. Assuming it has Bluetooth and will control a FireTV stick. I have added a Flirc to my living room Fire TV Box and it works great, I heartily recommend it.

I’ll pose yet another dilemma for you. I cannot stand the fact that the Fire TV and my Android TV box do not actually shut down. They go into a suspend mode. And they need to be rebooted periodically. So I got these smart wifi wall plugs to plug them into. They are controlled by Alexa. “Alexa, Turn on Droid Box”. Easy enough, but is there a way that Harmony could control these wifi plugs?

Having looked into using IFTTT with Harmony, I think the best solution is to get RF wall plugs.

Wha?..Harmony intergrates perfectly with ST. Well, at least all of my Hubs do.

One of the best features of the Harmony Hub is that is can control an Amazon Fire TV without the FLIRC.


Yes, but you will need the Flirc with the 650. Also, I was having some success with the Broadlink RM Pro controlling Fire TV box with the Flirc.