Harmony Ultimate One 15 Device Remote for $79.99 at Best Buy


Just to clarify, this is remote only; no hub.

The position of the play/pause RW/FF buttons on this remote is poor for my use. I would not want to have to shift to the top of the remote to access those buttons, which are the ones I use most often. Can you set up the touchscreen so it provides access to pause/play FF/RW when in activities? That would help.

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Yes, you can map commands and sequences to gestures on the touchscreen.

I actually do not use the remote a whole lot. I use the app on my phone instead. I bought it the last time it went on sale at BB earlier this year. This gives me the ability to control 15 devices instead of 8 that I used to get from Smart Control remote. You should be able to create activity to do all those, which will then show up in the touch screen.

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Is this the one that comes with the Harmony hub? I bought just the hub but there are times I wish I had the remote. If not anyone know where I can purchase just the remote for the hub?

Thanks for the links.

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This remote pairs to an existing Hub and it’s easy to use. I have not had an issue with it yet. I bought it back on the Black Friday sale they had for like 50 bucks. I can control all lighting in the house as well.

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In regards to the hub with the remote, is the remote in-sync with whatever activity the hub has started? Because the problem I have now is I have an older Harmony 650 remote, but if I switch activities then I have to actually switch it on the 650 remote since it does not talk to the hub. Basically what I want is lets say I ran the “watch tv” activity and then wanted to switch to “Netflix” using the built in app on my Samsung TV, will the remote automatically control that device properly without having to switch activities on the remote itself.

I am using Alexa to switch activities usually, this is why I ask.

The remote sync’s with the hub, if I use GH or Alexa, the remote changes as well.

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Nice, then I will defiantly pick one up. Thanks.

Also, Harmony 650 does not work with the hub.

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Yeah that was the problem since it was a separate remote it was not in-sync with the Hub. I originally used it because I already had it before I got the hub, so was trying to save on not buying another remote.

I can relate. I had been using a 650 for a couple of years now. Then I bought a Harmony smart control, that came with a remote. In February bought Ultimate One, which I like for the display , customization + additional device support.

I tried just using either my Pixel 2 xl or an older iPad mini as a remote but I find that the physical remote is just easy and I do not need to look at volume control anything, just pickup and go. Plus much easier for guests.