Logitech Harmony Ultimate one 15-device $99 Amazon

If you picked up the Harmony Home Hub last week on sale and need a remote to pair it with, this one gives you control of up to 15 devices (more than the 8 you get with the hub and android app alone).

I have this remote with the home hub and have it customized really well for my home entertainment system. The WAF is high and it gets rid of 8+ remotes that would otherwise be on the table.

The ergonomics are not as good as my old 880, (the screen should be above the buttons so you don’t accidentally select items on the touch screen) but for the price (and St integration if you get the home hub sold separately from this remote too) I’d pick it up again.

Occasionally I’ve seen refurbished versions of this remote bundled with the hub for this price, but looking back at the deal forum, I see a few times when it was posted at $169 (with the hub then?).

Wow great deal! I JUST bought this at PC Richards for $168 with a deal, but found it came with no hub. After tons of researching I returned it to order the remote and hub package from Amazon. Looking forward to getting it and playing around with it.

You can get this remote for $75 today only using Visa Checkout at Best Buy!

Link To the Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Remote sale price:


Link to the Best Buy Visa Checkout promo:


You may need to add a small filler to get the cart value over $100 before tax.


Can you use more than 1 remote with 1 hub ? IE, if I get this one ( IR only) for the bedroom, will it still be able to control HA routines, devices through Harmony hub in livingroom ?

Any combination of Harmony devices that would let me control my RF ceiling fan from ST?

No, it’s a one remote to one hub situation. You can tie ST to each hub so each remote can control stuff anywhere though.

Not likely. Check their compatibility list. RF is reserved for remote to hub communications on the new Logi’s.

If I switch an activity using my Phone (via the hub), will the remote be sync’d up to the correct activity?

Yes the Hub syncs to the app. The remote and hub sync separately.

If I have Google Home start a Watch TV activity (via IFTTT and Harmony integration), the remote will automatically switch to the Watch TV activity?

Hub is already tied to Alexa & ST. I was just curious if I could control things on one hub/remote with another one on same Harmony account. Bedroom is all IR, so don’t really need hub in bedroom. Whereas LR is a mix of IR/BT & LAN devices, hub definitely required.
Already have old phones & minimotes in BR for ST.

If you planned on not doing separate activities in the bedroom and LR at the same time, and had 15 or fewer devices between them both, you could set up the remote and hub as one location, use IR from the remote to control the bedroom and the hub would send IR to control activities in the living room.

Yes. ANYTHING being requested of the Hub, remote, IFFFT, native ST integration, updates the HUB which then propagates out the status to everything else.

If you have devices in another room and want control with the remote, you can do it but it can get wonky. The hub is expected to send the IR commands, you can have the remote do it, I believe an option under each device in the setup. But you can only have one activity at a time. So say I want my hub in the living room, but try to use the remote in the bedroom via IR, the hub still goes into whatever bedroom activity I’ve started so you can’t use the living room activities. This is why I have three hubs.

The old 890’s were FAR better about this, but nothing comparable exists now.

Visa Checkout at Best Buy story of the day. I decided to purchase the Logitech Harmony Ultimate for $99 and added the echo dot for $39.99 to bring the total to over $100 in order to use the Visa Checkout for the $25 off. I went through the checkout only to discover they only gave me $22.50 off. I submitted the order and watched the charge go through my VISA. Then 5 minutes later, a second charge from Best Buy was processed for the $22,50. I went to check the status of the order and yes, they removed the $22.50 on it. Therefore I cancelled the order.

I used it too and was only getting $16 off, so I went and read the fine print. They won’t discount Amazon streaming devices (I was getting a fire tv stick), and my guess is they probably removed your discount because of the Dot. I added in another item to bring the non Amazon part over $100 and then it gave me the full $25.

My Harmony Home ( or whatever they call it now ) is RF only to hub. Hub does all the work. Thinking about it, this remote is IR only, not connected to WiFi, so how could it possibly communicate with hub . DOH’

Logi told me that remote can pair to a hub via RF, but it doesn’t have RF capability for RF devices. I’ve not tested that as I’ve hemed and hawed over getting another remote for a year now.

I’ll hem and haw until the sale is over. Went to BB website to get the extra $25 off with Visa checkout and ended up buying 2 10" Insignia tablets ( for control panels) for $69ea ( $57 ea after $25 off 2 ) instead


If you have ebay bucks burning a hole in your pocket and already used $25 off Visa Checkout at Best Buy for something else, BB is also selling this model on eBay for the same price.