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I have had a Lockitron on my desk for the better part of a year. Just too big for me to envision it on my door. How do you like yours?

How big is it? Can you add a banana for scale? :smile:

The inside part of my Kwikset Z-wave lock is pretty big too. Granted it’s a lever rather than a deadbolt, but I don’t think the inside part of a deadbolt z-wave setup is much smaller.

@Ben I own a Lockitron Access…this is NOT the same device as you have, but instead a prepackaged Raspberry Pi running the Lockitron software for gate buzzer access. It does not control dead bolts, however the integration (and API) is identical. You could easily kill 2 birds with one stone with this integration. This would be a great and convenient way to send temporary virtual “keys” to houseguests so they can easily unlock my front gate. I am happy to assist in testing or being a guinea pig if it means getting integration with Lockitron.

Where the device is basically a MIMOlite but with the ability to share virtual keys, I could also see it being used to grant a landscaper garage door access, etc.

Sooooo big. Here are some photos.

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I’m happy to share some photos of the Lockitron Access device when I get home, but again, it’s not intended to be installed on a door, so it’s size doesn’t really matter. I would seriously pay for this integration - people with gates still don’t have a good option for unlocking/permitting access to guests/workers.

I’m now getting some feedback from the Lockitron community also. This is a repost of some advice to get started with a SmartApp from the Lockitron forum member anthonylavado here.

Using the Lockitron API, you’ll need to write something for SmartThings that handles three purposes:

Check the state of the lock
Toggle lock state
Alternatively, call a direct Lock/Unlock request
I still don’t know anything about coding a SmartApp since I don’t use SmartThings at all, but to do the above, you’re going to want to read up on using HTTP Methods with SmartThings. I also don’t know how to add this as an item/object in SmartThings so you would have a button or similar to carry out the task.

To check the status of the lock, Retrieve A Lock is going to be the part you’ll use. You’ll be able to use an HTTP GET to find out the current information about the Lock, and it’s filtered down by your Lock ID (find that here in Retrieve All Locks). When your SmartApp calls for the status of the Lock, you’ll need to have it filter out and store the information under:
“state”: “unlock”,
In this case here, the lock is unlocked, so you can have SmartThings can show you that it’s open.

After the state check is complete, you can set a Toggle using Locking/Unlocking in the API. You can use an HTTP PUT to have your Lockitron either Lock/Unlock/Toggle. Toggle will obviously put the lock into the opposite of whatever state it’s in, so this will be best for general usage.

To recap, you’ll HTTP GET the state of the lock, and HTTP PUT a command to toggle it.

The third item in the list is purely optional, you can use the same HTTP PUT to lock the unit. This could be useful in a “Leaving Home” or “Going to sleep” type of scene/function, or whatever SmartThings calls it.

Wouldn’t lockitron be a good option for a front door where maybe you don’t want a keypad showing, but still want to be able to lock remotely and check status. I already have a yale lock for the back door, but the front door needs more traditional door hardware.

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Wow that is big. But as long as it doesn’t bend in my pocket I’m a ok! :smile:

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Plus you can send those virtual keys to your guests for temporary access without granting them full-blown SmartThings access (or handing them a physical key). This would be a huge addition for ST (and me!)

Reviving this -

Has anyone made any progress on this front? As big as the lock is it has the highest wife acceptance factor of those available. Our back door to the garage has a Schlage lock with a keypad; it works well, but my wife doesn’t want a keypad on the front door.

August, on the other hand, is BT and I’m only interested in locks with ST integration.

Happy holidays, all!

@BMac1203 Take a look at this thread. My guess is that we’ll have Lockitron integration fairly soon. I haven’t had an opportunity to work with the test code very much, but look forward to getting this up and running soon.

I invested in Lockitron and it was a complete loss. The lock never works, had two DOAs and I agree it’s huge. I like helping the little guys so I guess I’ll write this off as a donation.

I just got my Lockitron Bolt + Bridge (WiFi) today and they work great! Any chance we can see SmartThings integrate with the Lockitron API now that their product is more than a wonky gadget?

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It’s on my list to write apps for - along with Skydrop, just haven’t had the time.

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I’m right there with you! We need this feature.

another vote for Lockitron integration. Hoping this happens.

I have one for Sale if anyone is interested. Ill make you a deal.