Devices we don't have

You can do both. There is room for more, for sure. Some called out examples:

• Turn on Cable TV When I Return Home
• Turn off the Stereo When I Leave
• Turn on My PlayStation or Xbox When I Change to Game Mode
• …and much more

These on/off Harmony actions can be initiated with the following SmartThings triggers:

photosean• mode change
• contact sensor opens/closes
• acceleration detected
• motion starts/stops
• switch turned on/off
• person, pet, or car arrives/departs
• button press
• scheduled time

You can read more about it here:

This is great. I have a reason to put wave switches in our family room now…MOVIE TIME!

Now I just need Logitech to release that firmware update! I’m not buying another remote just for this. WAF would be low for that! :smile:

Yeah and it sounded like that may be a few months. Maybe that is their way of trying to get you to buy new hardware. The strange thing is, they seem to say that all the functions of the remote will be available through their free mobile app. So many you could use that in the meantime.

+1 for more thermostats including Honeywell’s line of internet enabled themos.

I’d put in a vote for:
Lennox iComfort thermostat
Chamberlain MyQ (I know there is community support for this one but built-in support would be great!)

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Lockitron integration would be a great addition - I’m also confident this would take very little effort from our SmartThings gurus. They have a fully open API and would permit us to send temporary virtual “keys” to houseguests without granting them full-blown SmartThings access on their devices.

I would love to see support for the older Logitech Squeezebox Audio Server. Discontinued but very powerful and imho much better than Sonos.

Irrigation systems support, ie. Rainbird, etc.

House water supply cutoff valve.

IP Camera support

So I just saw this and it comes a few posts after mine where I think I did something similar. Since the normal voltage on a doorbell is 16VAC and I don’t think you can send that through the door/window sensor without frying it, is your implementation just a momentary button that closes a set of dry contacts? In which case you have something else audible on SmartThings that actual lets occupants know there is someone at the door? (Sonos device comes to mind)

In my implementation, the normal doorbell remains functional, and I just wired my device inline to it off of the same 16VAC that drives the chime. Based on this, I can do anything I want with the input into SmartThings now, and still maintain standard doorbell functionality for increased WAF.

Just curious, mostly. Having the input on these Zwave sensors is pretty awesome though.

I’d like to see more smart light bulbs officially supported. I know some, like the GE Link, can work, but it would be good both as a user experience and for marketing purposes, to expand this category. I’d also like to see an irrigation controller (e.g. RainMachine or Rachio IRO) officially supported. Finally, I’d like to have official support for Nest products (

Chamberlain® Internet Gateway or MyQ Garage

Sorry it looks like someone already mentioned this

@johnsutter71 they already have device types for the MyQ garage door.

This is community built, takes a bit of work to get setup, and is not supported by Chamberlain. Look at or Wink’s integration to see how it should really be done. This is a biz dev effort, more than a technical effort.

Homeseer has a plugin for the Microsoft Kinect. I use $30 refurbished Kinects to control lights, occupancy detection and event voice commands. The Kinect basically acts as both a motion/occupancy sensor and an open air microphone. The Kinect plug in is one of the most useful additions to my home automation setup. Smartthings could probably use something like that and I would seriously consider switching from HS to Smarthings if it were available.


How about something different for a change, say a Sleep Number bed. :slight_smile:

Been trying to find ANY info of their wireless protocol - no luck, so far. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Which others would you like to see? We have Phillips hue and TCP bulbs integrated, in addition to the GE Link bulbs.

I too checked into the existence of an API and it doesn’t look like they have one at this time.

I would add the Lifx bulb. Also, this may be more of a documentation and/or perception issue. For instance, the GE Link bulbs are technically supported, but they don’t show up in the list at or on the Light Bulbs screen of the SmartSetup on the mobile app. I would guess they are supported via Labs only for now. Is there a plan to move more devices from the Labs to ‘official’ support? This can be a little confusing to new users.

That said, I’m very happy with ST and how flexible it is. I’m looking forward to learning more about it as I expand it in my home.

This is not a biggie, but Philips livingcolors works fine with ST and appears as a bulb. No issues there.

Would love for the intergration of Fibaro Products, Currently have the Motion Sensor linked to Smartthings Hub but it shows as Aeon Labs and not working correctly (ie; no lux or temp)

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