Lockitron API

Has anyone integrated ST with lockitron yet through the lockitron API?

thank you

We (at SmartThings) have yet to receive our Lockitrons so there is nothing official in the works yet, but both companies want to offer he integration.

Does the same go with the August Lock?

I pre-ordered one, but have yet to receive it. Is it using technology that the hub can communicate with?

Does the same go with the August Lock?

I asked similar questions in at least two other threads but haven’t got any response. AFAIK august only communicates via bluetooth, so ST wouldn’t be able to talk to it directly. So the only way to use august with ST is via smartphone and that’ll exclude remote lock/unlocking.

What’s ironic is that CES2014 demo video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4drJtFyxU4) shows ST unlocking the very August doorlock, which for a second gave me a hope of BT support in ST, but it’s more likely shown as a generic ‘smart lock’ rather than officially saying august support is coming. It’s bummer, cuz I really like August’s design.

I had ordered a Lockitron, but mine’s not due to arrive until May. I reached out to the support team at Lockitron and asked them to expedite shipment of the Smartthings team’s order so they could begin coding for it ASAP. The Lockitron team advised me that the Smartthings team was one of the first backers and should either have or be receiving their order shortly.

I hope that they are able to integrate it quickly, even if only in a basic way at first. Fingers crossed! It would be awesome if I was able to add another thing to my dashboard in May!

Got tired of waiting and the risk of a sub-par experience; opted for the yale lock instead. I rather have something reliable and some what basic, than a system that is patched together using external apis. This is based on my experience with the Wemo - those are going back in exchange for some basic GE inwalls.

I have my Lockitron Access buzzer for gate access now in hand. What can I do to further this? Thanks!

Bump. Here’s the link to the API Quick Start:

I would really appreciate any help with integrating this!! Thanks!

Just curious if anybody has had luck with Lockitron since July.

@egid I have been trying to build support for Lockitron integration here. There appears to be some desire on the Lockitron side also. This would be a huge addition in my opinion. It would be great to be able to give out temporary keys to guests electronically without needing to give them full SmartThings control. I’m happy to help however I can.

Smart things hub is not so reliable compared to revolve and Auluxa !
The integrations are not done properly at all for most products and the response time is horrible,