Reliability with respect to doorlocks and garage door openers?

I may have mentioned before that I have a Digital Life system that I don’t really use much for its intended purpose (I don’t use the alarm system, I do use the automation - lights, locks, and garage door).

Once I got hooked on SmartThings I migrated the two DL smart switches from the DL system (and then bought about 6 more for significantly less than AT&T charges - take that AT&T :grin:).

From time to time I consider doing the same with the doorlocks that came with Digital Life (in fact, when DL was having a “known problem that was not known to me or their support staff, who replaced the lock with no effect, and which ultimately required a system-wide software upgrade to fix”, I temporarily added one of the locks to SmartThings, so I know it can be done.

My concern (and real question) is - with all the recent and prior reliability issues, most of which have mentioned lights turning on and off unexpectedly, has anyone experienced the same problem with doorlocks? Having a light come on at 2am pales (hah!) in significance to having a door unlock (or worse yet, a garage door open) at 2am.

Thanks … Mike

It’s rare, but there have been reported cases in the forums of both garage doors opening unexpectedly and door locks unlocking unexpectedly.

I had a persistent case last November where my door would unlock once or twice a day randomly over a week. Support looked at it, could see that it was happening, but couldn’t determine why.

I ended up taking the lock off of SmartThings as it was a safety issue for me since my service dog has been trained to run over and open that door when it unlocks. I didn’t want him doing that while I was asleep.

On the garage door question, I never put one on Smartthings to begin with, but other people on the forum have reported incidents. Again, rare, but can happen.

I have both doir locks and garage door integrated with st. Neither cane unlocked/open for no reason in about two years. I don’t automate unlocking the door just locking them periodically in certain mode. As for garage, it opens on presence (only on specific modes) and locks 10 min after it was opened. I’ve had garage door opening when presence misfired and never missed a closure.

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Thanks for the feedback JDRoberts & SBDOBRESCU.


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I have a lock and a garage door that are smart. My lock has never had an issue (Schlage) - However my garage door opener LFM20 occasionally reports that it was activated when it was not - out of the 5 or so times this has happened it only actually opened once. I think the majority of these issues are caused by issues with how momentary push button DTHs.

I also wanted to mention that I’m more likely to notice a problem than most people as I spend most of my life in one of two rooms and the door with the lock is in one room and right next to the other one. Plus, as I mentioned, my service dog is trained to run over to the door when it unlocks. So I’m probably going to notice any time the door unlocks on its own. :sunglasses::dog:

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I have 3 Schlage locks and no garage door opener (yet).

I’ve never had an unlock issue from locked while I was home (inside).

The only time I had an issue with unlock is when coming home and using presence. Mostly this was because I was doing something custom with Rule Machine or CoRE.

EDIT: this is over 2 years of use


Good feedback, thanks. I’m now firmly back on the fence with respect to which solution to use for automation (DL or ST) :grin:


My decisive factors to keep the locks and garage door opener in ST, even though I can put them on my security hub, are:

  • they run locally in ST
  • I can use them in various types of automation in conjunction with other local or cloud based devices
  • I can see the battery levels
  • I can have/maintain only one zwave mesh
  • Easier to troubleshoot due to STs open platform concept

This is by no means ‘blank check’. I think the first time my doors unlock without a valid reason, I will take them off ST hub in a heartbeat.

Personally, I find things much harder to troubleshoot in SmartThings relative to most home automation systems because of the lack of network mapping tools and the involvement of the cloud.

Also, just curious: locks run locally? Most of the people I know are using custom code for their locks so I wasn’t aware that the stock device would run locally.

I have 3 locks and garage door. Never had a false unlock/open. I have ZERO rules on unlocking the doors. I believe most errant/ghost/random events are rules that are firing wrong, or rules that have not been fully removed (platform issue).

I don’t use presence to unlock/open doors. It is not that much of an inconvenience to type in a code at the door.

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They do and so does my garage relay. Triggering events from these devices via Smart Lighting are locally processed. Maybe one day, Smart NonLighting app will be available to be able to take actions locally, but until then…

I understand you can have a light come on using SmartLights because you unlocked a lock if both are eligible to run locally, that is, the lock can function as the “if” in the smartlighting automation.

But there’s no way to lock a lock locally, is there? That is, have the lock as the “that” in the rule.

So unless I have access to my smartthings cloud account, there’s no way to lock a lock through SmartThings, right?

Or am I missing something?

I’m sure you’re right that most random events are rule issues. But some are not. At the time I was having the problem (which was confirmed by support) I didn’t have any rules on the lock other than one to unlock. And I wasn’t using any custom code. And the logs definitely did not show the one rule unlocking the lock.

And when one forum member reported the garage door at his house opening on its own, he had no rules in place for the door. He just manually toggled it.

Again, I’m sure these are very rare instances. But they have happened.

As far as it being easier to just enter the code on the lock, “your use case is not my use case.” :wink: But then I can’t open the door by myself, either. :sunglasses::dog:

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You’re not missing anyrhing, local actions on locks are not possible, only triggers.

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What systems do you know that offer mapping tools. The ones that I toyed with, if somethings goes wrong, you are left at the mercy of a generally poor support system.

Indigo, Vera, homeseer, Insteon, Domoticz, Devolo, Zipato, etc.

Some have graphical maps but most HA systems at least list the neighbors for each device. SmartThings does not.

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Oh wow. I didn’t know. Thank you! C’mon ST unlock my door for no reason and kill my vents so I can get Vera…

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Hey, I’d rather ST became reliable enough that I didn’t need troubleshooting tools. Just sayin’… :wink:

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