Arrival/location triggers not working or unreliable

Smartthings has really become a mess lately!!!

I’ve especially found that triggers for when I arrive near my home don’t work the majority of the time.

I’ve tried rebuilding the routines several times to see if it makes a difference … it really seems like this functionality is totally broken on the smartthings side.

I have reported it via the feedback section of the app but thats like banging my head against a brick wall.

Does anyone know if there’s something I can try to get it working reliably?

do you use virtual switches in your Routines?

iOS or Android? had any changes on your end… new phone?

may be due to the following but I thought it was resolved (sorry I had stopped following):

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Thanks for reply…

I had an Android 14 update last month but having checked permissions on the ST app, all is set up as should be.

I dont use virtual switches, these are really basic “I enter geo-fenced area called home and a scene is activated” type routines. Very frustrating the whole system has become some flaky recently.

My wife and I have had location triggers fail, too. I think it is related to the Android 14 update, but not sure. I’ve deleted the app on my phone and re-setup all the permissions (always run in background, location all the time, etc.) and it worked for a day or two, then it hasn’t been working. I did the same for my wife’s and it never worked. usually these tricks have worked for me in the past, but it isn’t working at all now.

Yeah, smartThings has never been really reliable on presence/geoloactions. I use a bunch of tricks to get a some what reliable presence.

Ours was reliable through ST for quite a while until recently. So I got a HomePod mini and a Meross power strip and use it to trigger my ST presence routines and it has worked well over the first couple weeks of use.