Weird Time/Zip Code Issue

Hi all,

I have a weird issue that I’m not sure about. The zip code for my location on my hub is wrong. If you look at the image below you can see it says my zip code is 60159 but in fact my zip code should be 60195 or 60194. I live on the edge of the two zip codes so i can use either on. Funny thing is if you look up the 60159 zip-code it does say it belongs to Schaumburg, IL but the post office confirms that that zip-code is actually not for Schaumburg and my zip code should be 60194. Any ideas on how i can get this changed?

Wrong Zip Code

Secondly, and maybe this has to do with the zip-code issue but the time for the logs on my hub are wrong… they are like 7 hours off… The follow screenshot was taken at 10:41 AM See below.

Log -  Taken at 10:41 AM

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks guys everyone!


I have the same issue with the zipcode being shown by the hub being off and, in fact, being a neighboring zipcode. It hasn’t caused any problems for me - so far.


Hi Tim and Eric,

The zip code being a little off shouldn’t cause any issues for you.

Also, the time stamps being shown in the IDE are Greenwich Mean Time, which is why they’re different from your local time.

Emily Allen

For those users who may be totally OCD, is there a way to correct this zip code entry?



(Not me, of course, just a hypothetical OCD user).

I would actually like to change my zip code as well. It’s across town, and the weather is generally different over there. Plus, it’s annoying, especially since the GPS coordinates are correct. Shouldn’t the reverse geocoder get the zip code right?