Hub Location Lat/Long Confusion

(Trevor) #1

I originally installed my hub in the UK and then moved it to France. I had trouble moving the pin in the map on the mobile app because the map refused to render most of the time, not sure what caused that but I eventually got lucky and managed to move it and it now shows very accurately on the Google map.

Funny thing though, the latitude and longitude coordinates listed as updated in the IDE are showing wrongly, both out by several minutes, although the sunrise/sunset times are accurate. Maybe I just don’t understand Google maps, but when I cut and paste the coordinates from the IDE into Google maps search, it shows the accurate location and the correct lat/longitude. So the search result shows the correct location even though I cut and paste the wrong location. Putting those coordinates in separately indicates a place in the nearby city about 30km away. It’s as though the IDE shows a part of the location coordinates but also somehow knows about an offset which is not displayed. And when you cut and paste into Google maps search it also understands there’s an offset.

If somebody understands these things then please can they put me out of my misery and tell me I am still sane? I’ve searched around topics on time zone and postal code confusion but can’t find anything that explains this weird coordinates result.

(Trevor) #2

OK, OK, I’ll post the answer before somebody else does and makes me feel even more stupid. Not that my post was attracting huge numbers of answers. Maybe it was obvious to everyone else but now I understand the difference between Degrees/Minutes/Seconds and Decimal Degrees.
Many years ago, I had a maths teacher who used to drum into us that we needed to define and understand our units. He obviously didn’t drum hard enough.
After I made the original post 3 days ago the forum stopped working for me. I couldn’t open any topic unless I logged out and used it anonymously. Support have been quite responsive and it’s now fixed. Something had gone wrong with my account. Not quite clear what.
I think I’ll also take the opportunity to say that SmartThings works really well for my use case of affordable remote control of a holiday home which is a day’s travel away. I’ve only got limited automation so far but it works solidly and responsively and I can’t imagine how I would have achieved what I’ve got so far without major investment otherwise.

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Darn, I missed the opportunity! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … nah… I read over your predicament and was confounded too, but I’ve definitely run into that dms vs decimals issue in the past, so …