Local Running Apps and changes in the Smart Lights App

I noticed a change tonight. I have several Smart Lighting routines running. Only 2 of my light actions were running local. These three are using GE Link (Zigbee) bulbs and EcoLink open/close sensors.

I installed 3 more sensors, but these are the new Iris Sensors from Lowe’s. When first installed the actions did not run local. Now they are.

I did several things to test this out and make sure what’s going on.
I created new “test” actions that use the zigbee lights and the zigbee Iris sensors.
I created new “test” actions that use the z-wave GE in wall switch with the Iris sensors.

Both of the scenarios work!

So, it would seem that now we can have zigbee sensors running zigbee lights, AND zigbee sensors running z-wave devices that run local.

These Items ARE running local (at least for me) using either a Z-wave or a Zigbee open/close sensor:
GE In wall z-wave switch
Ge Link bulbs
Leviton plug in dimmer module
Leviton plug in appliance module

These items will NOT run local using either a Z-wave or a Zigbee open/close sensor:
Phillips hue bulbs
Phillips Lux bulbs
Wemo Light switch
Nutone garage door opener
Motion Sensors
Having a local device and non-local device on the same lighting action

This is my list of local apps:

This is my list of sensor devices that are triggering the local apps hardware: The Z-wave open/close sensors are the EcoLink sensors and the SmartSense open/close sensors are the new Iris Sensors.

It would seem that even with all of the problems of late, things are improving.

Oh yeah, I also saw this in the smart lights app last night.

I can now use Smart Lights to control the color of a Hue Bulb.
I now say, “Alexa, turn on the green lights”… and they turn green.

I created a virtual switch for every color available in the app. I then gave it access to Alexa. I put them all in one room (Phillips Virtual Switches). I had Alexa discover the virtual switches and created a (bedroom lights) group.

Now, echo can not dim the colors because of the virtual switches. But, the two Hue bulbs I have are my bedroom lights. One is Jason’s Light and the other is Wendi’s Lights. These are both also in the (bedroom lights) group in the Alexa App.

So, now I say, “Alexa, turn on the red lights”. and then, “Alexa, set bedroom lights to 20%”.
and it all works great!

These are the virtual switches:

This is the set up in the smart lights app showing the 2 hue bulbs and the options for color changing.

So, again… we are seeing problems… but we are also seeing progress! I can’t honestly say I’m disappointed in the ST experience as of yet.


I don’t have a V2 hub yet because I don’t see the benefit with just lighting running local with ST derived device types. I don’t see $100 worth of value there (yet) over V1 but I feel certain that time is coming.

I’ve seen some talk of locks running locally too but not sure on that one.

My concern is that the community device types and apps are what makes ST in my opinion. If a community brewed device type puts a ST device type to shame in features and benefits but cannot run locally than you cannot get the best of both worlds…which is what ST had over other platforms.

All that out of the way I love seeing posts like this.

Thank you for taking the time to show me what works locally, what doesn’t work locally, and why. This type of thing is what helps me with my HA hobby…juice/squeeze.

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Directly, or via a Hue hub?

I have my hue lights connected via the hue hub, but use echo to control the bulbs via hue.

Interesting… Compared to 6 days ago my local running apps seems to have changed…
I’ve made absolutely no hardware or programming changes.

edit - upon closer review… the three that are missing… “Front Porch Lights on at 1730” was changed. A couple of days ago (after the announced hot fix) I changed this to fire at sunset. Within seconds my whole system freaked out. When I changed it back to 1730 everything was fine. And now it’s gone.
I have no idea about the last two “turn of the fans”.

I agree but look at it from their point of view if they let community device types run locally and u brick your hub. A whole lot of hubs could suddenly go out.

I figure we should personally have the option as a check box under devices/smartapps …something that says run this device or smartapp locally etc. That way it is on you if you fff up your hub. Maybe as more and more community device types and smartapps get vetted it can become automatic.