List of devices that run locally?

Is there a running list of devices that will operate locally? I am aware of the URL that will list out your currently locally run devices. I’m looking for a list of devices that can be used when shopping for new devices.

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Not yet.

Working on it

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Excellent. Thank you.


Are there any updates on this? I thought if I used an “officially supported” ST product, not a community device type, it should be able to run local. Today I found out that my OSRAM lightify bulbs aren’t able to run locally, hence my entrance lights didn’t go on at sunset.

From what I’ve seen so far, only Z-Wave and ZigBee devices are currently able to execute locally, none of my IP-connected devices (Hue, Sonos, Harmony, etc) support local execution. Presumably the lightify bulbs are currently not locally-supported for the same reason.

I don’t know. These bulbs are Zigbee and I honestly have always thought they were running local.
This would be much easier to troubleshoot if there was an official explanation.

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I’ve not had an issue at this point so I’m not terribly concerned.

I had the same issue with Lightify Zigbee bulbs. Internet goes out and my lights do not work. Wondering if there is a work around. Any news?

Not that I know of. Apparently they’re working on the scheduler issues as a priority. Maybe after then they’ll focus on this???

My guess (purely a guess) is that changing the scheduler will impact the way local and cloud functions are synchronized. So they may have put adding any new local functions on hold until they get the scheduler worked out. But that’s purely a guess.

I agree. From what Alex said on another post, the whole scheduler will be revamped (hope they finally introduce a fix without much collateral damage). After we have an actual working and capable scheduler, local functions will be back on their agenda.

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Does anyone know of a Zigbee light switch that works locally in the hub? @slagle?

I think Tim is (still) working on a list for us…Maybe @Tyler can chime in, if he gets a chance?!?

Based on a tip from another user, I switched my Cree Bulbs to the “SmartPower Dimming Outlet” DTH, and it appears to be working great. Runs local. You might try that.

And, @slagle, a list would be nice. :slight_smile:


Is there any update to this? My example is a GE Dimmer that I can see in the IDE under local devices, but my Lightify Bulbs are not listed. The response time from pressing the switch can vary with online communication … Would be nice to know if there is a different bulb that would interact locally.

You can find some additional community information in this thread.


Very helpful, thank you. I see from this and other threads that getting an official list of supported devices is a controversial issue.

It appears from the list you linked that the GE Smart Link bulbs are the only locally supported ST bulb, and those are now no longer being made by GE.

I guess I’ll have to sit tight until another bulb makes it way to local device support.

I use this one with my Cree bulbs. Doesn’t say it’s a bulb but works well for most people.

SmartPower Dimming Outlet

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