Local processing help needed

I have a V2 hub, and local processing is not working. I have verified on the IDE that the devices are showing as local under execution location. What I’m working with are Zigbee bulbs and a couple smart buttons. From everything I’ve read, it should work automatically, but if I loose my outside internet connection, the bulbs stay in the state they are in (on or off) regardless of the button push. The buttons are set to Switch Power state. And I have verified that my hub is up to date on firmware.

Depends on your smart app the using to trigger the action. If that running in the cloud then it won’t work without the internet. The purpose of local processing is to speed things up and make it more responsive, not to eliminate the cloud (as yet)

As i understand it, smart lighting is the only smart app that will run locally at present. You can check this by looking at the installed SmartApps in the ide (available from the locations screen).

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As @TonyFleisher Mentioned, using local DTHs is only the first step in getting an automation to run locally. The second step is that the smart app you use must also be eligible to run locally. And right now, that is limited only to the official smart lighting feature and a few bits of the official smart home monitor feature. No custom code of any kind runs locally. Routines in the V2 classic app do not run locally. Also, unless something has changed, I don’t believe scenes run locally either. Just individual devices activated through a smart lighting automation.

So, yes, you need to check the IDE for the automation as well as for the devices.

As TonyFleisher said, smart lighting is the only app that will run things locally. And there are a few things in there that disqualify the rule from running local.

I wonder what are your reasons for wanting all local processing. Does your internet go out frequently? Is your Wi-Fi network unstable? Are you worried about ST cloud outages?

If it’s the cloud, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’m sure JDRoberts will pipe in about all of the “outages” that occur monthly. These are almost always isolated to small groups of users, not the entire cloud ecosystem.

Please continue to ask questions. We love to help.

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The issue is loss of internet connection at times. I live in an area of the country that gets stormy weather everyday this time of year. Sometimes in the middle of the night. I have my router and Samrtthings hub on a UPS, but still when the power goes out, then comes back on, all of my smart bulbs light up, and I can’t turn them off until the WiFi modem connects back to the outside world. And sometimes the power just flashes off for a second or two, but then all my lights are on for a good five minutes waiting on the internet connection.

And yes, I COULD turn them off at the switch, but then I have to go back later and turn all the switches back on later. So even though that app is the only one that will run locally, it’s exactly what I need.

Ok. Smart lighting is definitely what you want.

It is completely possible to have your entire system running locally through smart lighting, as long as you remain within the guardrail set by the app and how devices are running local. Ever device in the automaton must be running local, or the rule will be cloud based.

Oh yeah, you’re using buttons as well. I’m assuming they process locally?

You can use spare buttons as backup remotes. I personally use the Aeon minimote. They run local. So if something is down I can use them to control lights without the cloud.

So, how do I go about getting the app that I need? JDRoberts posted a link to the support page, but when you go there, and click on the link for SamrtLights, the page no longer exists. Or as Samsung put it, it looks like aliens stole the page.

Which version of the SmartThings mobile app are you using?

I actually have both installed, but mostly use the new version.

OK, I believe smart lighting is already pre-installed in that one. Just look under automations and see if it’s there. :sunglasses:

I just figured it out. I thought it had to be an app installed on the hub. Here’s what fixed the problem, and I’m really shaking my head how stupid this is. I have a couple Smart Buttons. I rent the house, so they are pretty much my only option to have something on the wall. In the app, I went to the button, and simply selected single push, toggle the living room lights on or off. Double push, toggle the hall light on or off. If I lost my internet connection, they no longer worked. But since you asked about the phone app, I did some digging, and found that I can have an automation where the Smart Buttons toggle the lights. Which I more or less knew, but I never did it that way because there didn’t seem to be a need since I was able to set the button up in the button icon.

So, by doing it as an automation, it works. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why on Earth they would let it locally process if it’s an automation, but not by setting up the button itself???

Anyway, thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction.