Local processing for Aqara and Neo Coolcam sensors

I’m interested in buying both motion sensors and a door sensor of either Aqara (ZigBee) or Neo Coolcam (Zwave).
Can anyone tell if either of them support local processing using a custom DH?
Couldn’t find information about that anywhere…


Aqara, definitely not. Neo coolcam, probably with one of the standard SmartThings device types.


No custom DTHs run locally at the present time. Only those stock DTHs which are distributed to all customers with the hub firmware, and not even all of those.

To add what Jimmy already said, one of the requirements for running locally is use of a stock device handler. Anything running a custom device handler will not run locally.

Edit: I guess I type too slow…

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Got it, thank you!

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Dictating is always faster than typing. :wink:


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Khmm… Only some stock DTHs…

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. I’ve edited my post above for clarity. :sunglasses:

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