Local Motion Sensor

I’m looking to add a new motion sensor, ideally with at least 1 other built in sensor like light, humidity, temperature, etc. My options seem endless, but I want this sensor to operate local. I’d prefer Zigbee, but open to Zwave as well.

I have a Zwave Neo Coolcam sensor now and it will pick up temperature and light. I’m using a custom device handler and that stops it from running local. Only a couple stock handlers seem to work with it for more than motion and only a Fibaro handler will execute locally. But, that handler leaves the temperature sensor stuck at 32°F. If it has light and temp built in, I’d like them all working.

So, I want to move this sensor and replace it with 1 running locally. What are your recommendations?

Does anyone know if the zooz zse40 runs local?

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It does not

Didn’t think so, but was a thought.

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SmartThings sensors are zigbee and run local. They also have temperature.


BUT once you change all of the settings using the handler, you can change the device type to Aeotec MultiSensor Gen5 and it will run locally.


I ended up switching my Neo sensor to Aeotec MultiSensor Gen5 as well. To my surprise, it works pretty well. Local control is much faster and worth having the apps look a little off with humidity trying to report. Small price to pay.

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Interesting. So why did SmartThings even make a default DTH for the ZSE40? It doesn’t even seem to have configuration settings? Seems like it would have been better to just add the fingerprint to the Aeotec handler in this case.

That’s a good point. There might have been some minor details they needed to adjust or maybe just relying on a handler for a discontinued device (MultiSensor Gen5 was phased out more than 3 years ago) was the problem.

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