Local control of Hue

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Does anybody know when / if local control of hue lights is coming? I heard reference to it when Hub v2 was announced, but it wasnt there on launch.

Possibly one day, soon… hopefully.

Is it even possible with the way smartthings works right now?
What is needed is to have the device types and the smartapp all run locally on the hub, right?
Anybody know the reason this has not been implemented yet?

Hue has local control, just buy some Hue dimmers and/or Hue Taps . They work directly locally through Hue and take ST out of the loop . Great for people that can’t deal with automation or for internet, cloud, ST failures.

Yes but that defeats the purpose, Especially as the reporting of the HUE to Smartthings is delayed. At least HUE now has Motionsensors…

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The purpose (number 1 feature?) of SmartThings is to integrate heterogeneous “smart / connected” products. In fact, that’s the approach of many various products and services that are almost “hubs” … e.g., Alexa, IFTTT, Yonomi, …

  1. I love that my Hue Bridge connected bulbs are “essentially equivalent” to my ZigBee and Z-Wave dimmers and Switches (and can be swapped and mix and matched in any SmartApp supporting a Switch / Dimmer).

  2. I hate that Hue integration is only 90% of the way there … i.e., because of the lack of instant reporting, dim levels are not reported properly in SmartTiles, and toggle switches like Minimotes frequently require two presses instead of one (since I turn on the Hue using Alexa and turn it off using the Minimote, SmartThings “never” realizes it was “on” so it first attempts to turn it “on” again). Now perhaps it isn’t “never”… but sure wish there was a way for it to be instant like my Z-Wave outlets…

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I am considering migrating my Wink 2 Hub to SmartThings because an update killed the hub. My application uses a Hue Bloom with various sensors to indicate where motion is coming from. It is pretty important to me to have no lag with this setup. Now I am not even sure if the Wink control is local.

I may do a poor-mans version, which is to take four outlets and four colored bulbs. I only need one, so it should not be too pricy,

I too am interested in local control of color-switching lights.