Hue Bulbs Smart Lighting Local Processing


(Broderick) #1

So I’ve heard that the only app that actually runs locally right now is ‘smart lighting’. Also, this will only work with z-wave and zigbee devices, since any other device (such as the hue hub) is a cloud to cloud process. So my question is: if I pair my hue bulbs directly to my hub 2.0, will I be able to run them with smart lighting locally?

Does the hub 2.0 w/ hue bulbs still suffer from the same issue as 1.0 of once paired never unpaired? Has anyone done this?

(Joe) #2

From what I heard, it needs to use certain device types also. If you have a custom device type, it will get that from the cloud as well. So once you pair with the hub, I don’t know if the device type it uses is one that is local or in the cloud.

(Matt) #3

My hue bulbs are paired directly to my ST hub using the ST device type and I can confirm at the present time it’s not one of the device types that can use local processing.

I’m hoping this comes soon.

(Ron S) #4

Mr. Matt! Why did you marry your hues directly to ST instead of having a fling, buddy? :wink: it’s probably now own of the most stable integration thru the bridge even during this madness. Send me a v2 and I can check? :wink:

(Tamara) #5

Considering that SmartThings recommends against pairing the Hue bulbs directly to the hub, I’m not sure that local processing for the device type would be a priority.