Advice needed on Smartthings and HUE

I am new to Smartstuff, and this forum, so I hope i post this in the right category…
I have a HUE LUX starterkit, (still in the box :slight_smile: ) but I hope I can combine it with a motionsensor (indoor/hallway) and a ‘remote’ … i think the HUE TAP looks great, but from reading about it, it seems limited ? would a better choise be Aeon Labs Z-Wave Minimote ? i would like to able to toggle lights on/off (single/Groups) … Am i in the dark here ?? any thing NOT to do ? or ??

I will of course buy the Smartthings hub as the NeXT thing … :smile:

kind regards


We have two minimotes and they are handy, they are used every day and we love them. Just be warned that you need to buy the v2 model (the one with squares on the buttons). The v1 (the one with numbers on the buttons) needs a firmware update that’s a bit of a PITA to do unless you are a Windows user. My house is 100% mac and I had to jump through some hoops to get it to work. The only advantage to the v1 remote is that the buttons are numbered so it’s easier to remember that 1 does this and 2 does that.

The tap is a nice device, but it is not supported by SmartThings. So if you get it, you can still use it as long as you have the Hue bridge, and you could still control the bulb separately through smartthings, but smartthings would not know the status if tap was used to turn the bulbs off. You might not care about that.

Another possibility to consider is the SmartenIT three toggle controller. This is not officially supported by smartthings, but is a standard Zigbee protocol device and works well. With this approach, all the commands to go through smartthings hub anyway, so it does know the status. This can be wall-mounted or left flat on a table or nightstand. I like it a lot for situations where the minimote’s form factor just doesn’t quite work. (if you haven’t seen one, the Minimote is like a tiny television remote.)

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The white, numbered key, V1 units have been for sale on Amazon for under $25/each in a 3-pack - I . presume the V2s are at least double that price.

The firmware update is trivial in Windows, BTW… And some folks have reported that the Firmware update may not be required for SmartThings use.

I couldn’t get the v1 remote to do anything but pair without the firmware update. As an “anti-windows” guy, it’s a PITA to update it with VirtualBox. I only have one of them but will only buy the v2 from now on as they seem to be more reliable from my use.

The current firmware version is required to use the Minimote generation one with smartthings, it’s just that some retailers are selling them already updated to the most current version. So you might get one that works out of the box, or you might get one where you have to do the firmware update first. But the ones that work out of the box work because somebody else did the firmware update before you received it. :blush:

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The Minimote is $21.99 on Ebay.

Yup… the savings makes it worth having a friend with Windows, perhaps.

I got Windows 7. Need help? I’m IT. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FYI…I just got one for my livingroom lights.

FYI,…I would recommend skipping the HUE lights and just go for the Cree Connect 60W LED lights from Home Depot.

-They are easier to setup.
-Are dimmable.
-Can be set to flash in an Alert mode.
-Don’t need an expensive bridge.
-Can turn on multiple lights with ST app “Dim With Me”

-Don’t change color.

@JDRoberts If you switch off the hues via tap or manually, these days it appears the correct state appears within the next 5 minutes. They are doing some kind of polling. I have confirmed this with three lux’s in my bathroom which we all always use manually rather than via ST but I have them in ST world. They correctly show their state within the next 5 minutes or earlier.


I like the GE Link bulbs. No reason they are better or worse then the cree bulbs. But I would go with either of these over the Hue Bulbs.

I have hue bulbs outside for the color change though :smile:


I just ordered 60W Soft wight Phillips LED bulbs 2-Pack for $5 from Home Depot. Promo and is on Back Order Now.
Go Pre-Order Now!

Are those smart bulbs or regular dumb LEDs?

@JDRoberts these are Dumb bulbs, but if you add them to a fixture on a ST light switch or outlet. You are golden.

As is, I have a few fixtures already integrated with ST, all they need is efficient bulbs and these are a great idea.


Hi all - and thanks for sharing ! Super:-)
Is it possible to let a motion sensor turn a bulb on at let’s say 10% light between 11 pm and 6 am ? And other times 80% and back off again after 5 min? ( the time I need to go back and fourth to the bathroom:)

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Yes… If the Dashboard / Shortcut Solution SmartApp you apply has a Mode and/or Time Range preference, you should be able to install multiple instances with the dim level preference.

You may need to create multiple shortcuts to the same light switch Thing…

This might help:

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hi Guys ! …

I just hit rock buttom :-/
ST Sells only in US, and therefore uses US frequencies … :frowning: so - I can’t use this super-nice device here in Denmark …

I am sorry to have wasted your time - but I hope in near future - that ST will ship a EU version - and THEN I’ll be back :smile:

best regards
PS: this goes for the suggested remote as well i guess ??? :-/ the minimote … ( big sigh …)

ST is doing an Expo in EU soon.