Live wiring 3 way install Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Switch

This was my first try at using the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Switch. After buying one and reading up on installing one on a 3 way I almost regualated it to a 2 way. But I decided to give it try and lay out the process I followed.

I started with opening the gang boxes to document the wiring and find the load side. The 3 way switches are in a 2 gang boxes each with another 2 way controling their seperate lights. The gang boxes have a 12/3 romex connecting each other. The 3 way switches had red and white as the travelers and were crossed at one end of the switch, which doesn’t matter but seemed strange. The black was pig tailed into the hot at the line gang box, which was great as I knew I would have a hot at the load side.

The load gang box had 4 romex connections: the 12/3 from the line gang box, a 12/2 that was hot, a 12/2 load, and a 12/2 that has the 2 way switch load romex.

I purchased some 300v 16 gauge as needed to connect the 3 way switch black terminal to the Aeon switch wall switch terminal. The current load black that was connected to the 3 way black terminal was connected to the Aeon switch Load L. The load neutral was moved from the neutral wire nut and connected to the Aeon switch Load. I cut a black 12 gauge to connect between the Aeon switch AC Power L and Hot wire nut. I cut a white 12 gauge to connect between the AC Power Neutral and the neutral wire nut.

Thanks to reading this communities posting I have a working live wire 3 way. Next to decide if I want to use the Aeon switch in some 4 way configurations.