Aeotec Micro Switch Gen2 3-way wiring no Hot wire at load

I am trying to install a Aeotec Micro Switch 2nd Edition for my exterior lights. There are two 3-way switches, one by the garage door and one by the front door. There is a hot at the garage door switch. The load is at the front door switch and no other hot wires there. Below is a picture that shows essentially the wiring situation I have. Looking for help with this install. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for the help!

if the lights work with manual switches, then you can be certain that your light is energized when the switches are made.

That switched-hot-wire-at-the-load (and the white-neutral) is why you can pretty-much-always install the Aeon-micro-switch-module at the load. It will work. When you mount it at the load, then you may want to add switch-guards to the existing-to-remain manual wall switches, to prevent idle/mistaken manual switching.

IMO if you have neutrals in each box, then a 3way zwave or zigbee switch and companion switch would be less troublesome to users. Like GE 12722+12723 , or GE 12727+12728 .

I have the same setup. Is it possible to get the switches working? I have a Aeotec Micro Dimmer G2. I cant figure out how to wire it so that the switches work.


I am not an electrician, but I don’t think you can make a micro work in that setup.
I’d say you’ll need a set of smart switches to do that setup. Like the previous answer mentions.

I ended up using the GE 12727 & 12728 switches. I do not think the Aeotec Micro Switches are made for this setup. Not saying they are impossible, but the GE switches were very easy and work great.

Just a note for anyone reading this thread. In order to use a relay you must have neutral, line and load available in the same location. In the three way setup noted above, you have only line and neutral in the left switch box and neutral and load in the right switch and light box. Therefore a relay will not work with that wiring configuration.