Wiring Aeon Labs Aeotec Micro Smart Energy Switch G2 to standard light switch

I’m having trouble connecting the aeon labs micro switch to a light switch with three wires (red, black, white). There is an unused bare copper ground in the back of the box. It is not a three way switch. When I wire the micro switch per the attached picture (black hot wire to the AC (L), white to AC (n), red to Load (L)) The micro switch turns on and starts clicking constantly w the red light flashing. What am I doing wrong? (I know I don’t have the wall switch wired up in the pic but this occurs whether it’s connected or not) Thank you!

@Rex_Eaton, are you sure the red wire is the load? I’m use to seeing the red wire as a traveler wire in 3 or 4 way switches.

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Possible that it’s an unused traveller?

Where was the red wire previously? If all else fails, pull the device you are switching and meter it.

I’m glad I know when to ask for help because you guys are right. We just moved into this house and boxes were in front of another switch in the garage.

So I have now opened the garage box since this is a confirmed three way switch and have attached a picture. I’ve read in the forums that some people don’t have the correct wires to set this micro switch up this way.

Looking at the box in the picture, I have two light switches and want to control the one on the left. There are three bundles black wires and three white that have wire nuts connecting them. The switch on the left that I want to wire into the micro switch controls two outdoor fixtures on the outside of the house. There are bare ground wires unattached in the back of the box.

Of note: I separated the three black wires with the nuts to test voltage. The middle wire is hot if they are separated. Then one runs to a hole in the back left and one back right. Same for the white neutral wires… Left, middle, right

My questions become: do I have the correct wiring to set this up? And if so, what wire goes where into the micro switch because I’m obviously struggling with aeons diagrams. Thank you guys in advance!

Update: This appears to be the type of switch I’m dealing with, with the addition of another switch in the same box so there’s a third black and white wire attached to each wire nut bundle. Again, thanks for the help