Live Logging totally unreliable lately, we really need better debugging tools

I am trying to work on a device and logging is not working. It took me a while to realize the issue wasn’t with my code but I have a simple action with ONLY a log.debug “action called” line of code.

If I press the action tile on my SmartThings apps the debug output happens randomly. If I press it 10 times I may only see output once or twice.

We need better debugging !!!


Agreed… If logging is not occurring correctly how can we trust the Cloud infrastructure to work?


Have you contacted support about this yet?

Honestly I have given up on support. They just say “there was an outage that probably caused that please try again.” I have reported many issues but they take 3-4 days and by the time they investigate I have moved on to other things.

Am I the only one with this issue ?

I guess this issue is easy enough to report so I will try but I doubt they will have any solutions.

LOL…OK I submitted and even the automated reply says they are too busy.

“This email is to notify you that we have created a support ticket for your request. We’re very sorry but we may be a bit slower than usual getting back to you. We have a number of new and old users alike that have contacted us with questions. Between our new Hub, new mobile experience, and the tremendous excitement around what SmartThings is doing, we have a sizable backlog of requests. Our support team will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible but we humbly ask for your patience as it may take several days to respond. If you have anything else you’d like to tell us, you can reply to this email. Otherwise, we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re able.”


I’m too lazy to look up a meme, but…

“Oh lawd, it’s hard to be humble…” :notes:

Never fear, I got your back there @tgauchat

@Ben So what is the story with support? Are you working to increase staff? Do you need people to assist?

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They are slow, but they are still doing their job from what I can tell. You should definitely report this, and you shouldn’t expect a quick or satisfying response. Not reporting as an alternative guarantees no response.

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you can’t have a SmartTiles and an IDE session open together, or they will conflict as you have seen.

ok maybe you are not using SmartTiles

I have reported it that is why I posted the LOL response I got from them. I agree that unreported issues don’t get fixed but I will also say that when the issues I do report get swept under the carpet I am NOT going to continue wasting my time putting together detailed explanations of what is happening and sending them to support.

I don’t understand what you are saying.
I open update my device code, open live logging, access my SmartPhone App, take action checking the logs. What is wrong with that procedure ?

my mistake - I misread - you are not using SmartTiles.

I haven’t seen a problem with LiveLog just now

OK, I thought that was the case. Thanks.

Others are having this issue

We have way more tickets than normal. These are split between brand new users with the usual new user questions (lots of em) and users both current and new that are feeling the affects of all the bugs we have introduced and features we have temporarily pulled back. We are continually hiring support techs (mostly in Tucson, AZ). Are you looking for a job? :slight_smile:

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I can no longer work with my code in SmartThings. Without logging it is just too painful.

I have a slider in my device which does nothing but update a tile with it’s value and write that value to the log.

I changed this slider to the following values. Each value was succesful in updating the tile value. Only 2 of 18 attempts wrote to the log.

2 - tile updated, no log
11 - tile updated, log output of value 11
2 - tile updated, no log
5 - tile updated, no log
7 - tile updated, no log
10 - tile updated, no log
15 - tile updated, log output of value 15
7 - tile updated, no log
2 - tile updated, no log
… you get the picture.

I’m beginning to suspect that they are dropping lots of events. That would explain the logs. Several of my automations are just acting weird today. Things not turning on when they should, not turning off when they should, not showing up in logs as they should…


Welllllllll. I live in Virginia, so unless you can allow me to work remote (SMILE). I am part time Currently, and would love to have another income source.

Lots of events are missing. Next to impossible to debug. I am starting to see weird things will Smart Lighting (extreme lags and missed automations).

Same here working through a moisture sensor problem with Spuce irrigation and today in the live log page none of my sensors have reported but under the respective devices and list events has have reports. ST logs are really messed up right now. Oh and these were reporting just fine yesterday.

I like how they call it a backlog of request… isn’t BS speak for we’re so AFU right now we are drowning in “request”.

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