List of official representatives from Third Party Companies?

Is there a post or FAQ anywhere listing reps from SmartThings and third party manufacturers / developers / distributors who are active on the forums? Search didn’t turn anything up but It might be a helpful resource to check who to tag into a discussion without having to rely on @JDRoberts and the other experts to weigh in. Or would this just lead to those folks getting overwhelmed with DMs like JD does?


I’m sure the level of helpfulness really varies from company to company.

While ActionTiles tries to keep watch over a dozen channels (ST Community, our own Community, a half-dozen Facebook groups, Reddit, Twitter, …) - it is essentially impossible.

Ironically, a larger company is less likely to do this that a smaller one.

If a SmartThings customer has a problem with a particular device, I’d advise contacting both SmartThings and vendor support - perhaps even at the same time.

The benefit to a vendor watching support forums is proactive … i.e., watching for problem or feature request trends that are not being reported to their official support and feedback channel.


Understood…I was more thinking about putting a list together that said “ST - Jody / Tim / etc. | Innovelli - Brian | ActionTiles - tgauchat | Zebra Blinds - Neil…”, mostly because new folks don’t know there’s somebody to ask and people like me who spend a lot of time on the forums but don’t use those particular products may not know the right person. I just figured I’d solicit some feedback before putting it together in case people think it’s going to be more of an annoyance than an advantage.


I’m somewhat ambivalent, on behalf of myself / ActionTiles…

You see, we prefer that folks are directed to for “everything”; but at the same time, we value this SmartThings Community in many ways, including just getting “exposure”. So assisting customers and participating in helpful ActionTiles discussions here is something I really should not discourage.

So; yup – please feel welcome to recommend tagging me.


OK, here goes - please chime in, everyone! And anyone who winds up on here and doesn’t want to be, just say so.

SmartThings Staff: see the complete list here and if you have a technical issue, start with support.

Hardware manufacturers:
@Eric_Inovelli Inovelli (switches/plugs/sensors)
@natec007 Eve/Spruce irrigation (gone quiet?)
@eric1500 iBlinds - gone quiet but IndieGoGo campaign still

@TheSmartestHouse The Smartest House (distributor, Zooz is their house brand)
@ZebraBlinds distributor for Graber motorized blinds

(Paid) App Developers:
@RBoy RBoy Apps (support)
@tgauchat ActionTiles (formerly SmartTiles) (support)
@yvesracine My Ecobee Device


Awesome, thanks for putting this together @MarkTr!

Happy to help in any way I can.

Have a great day!

Founder | Inovelli


Sorry, but I must also add to my excellent ecobee Device the following missing DTHs and smartapps:

  • MyNext Devices (for all Nest products: Thermostats, Protects, Cams)
  • My Automatic device (for the Automatic Car Connected device)
  • My Flair devices (Puck, Vent, HVAC devices including window/mini splits, portable heaters and coolers)
  • My Neurio device (Smart Power & Energy meters for the whole house) :slight_smile:

[DEPECRATED] Neurio-SmartThings integration

  • And, finally my Zoned heating and cooling solutions:

*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Best Zoned Heating/Cooling smartapps

All those components constitute an ecosystem of smart apps that can work together in a really smart & reliable way.


Thanks for including us @MarkTr!

We realize that everyone has their favorite / easiest way to communicate and our team tries to monitor as many channels and communities as possible so tagging always help to respond faster.


@FIBARO_official for Fibaro devices

@gaurav_brilliant for Brilliant Control (now with official WWST Integration)

@heythisisnate for

@joshua_lyon for SharpTools at

@iDevicesOfficial for iDevices

@Judy_Chan for Zemismart

@3asmarthome for 3a Nue

@AndyPrice-Aurora for Aurora One (UK)

@andreasschraeder for the Switch Living app

@Eco-Linked for Ecolink products


@YonomiCait for the Yonomi app

@ecraw for Brilliant Control

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@bond-jacob for Bond Home?


Yeah, thanks!


@LeviosaShades for the official Leviosa integration

@Globe (Globe Electric) for the official Globe Suite integration

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@Philipp_Ebneter for Apilio (


@MakesByMike for MakesByMike, wallmount tablet frames with charging systems, cases

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Thank you for including us @JDRoberts!

Our team at Makes By Mike has been monitoring different communities and forums to try and support as much as possible. We manufacture tablet wall mounts with charging systems and make enclosures.


@KyEcoNet for EcoNet Controls

@garadget for Garadget.

@voice_monkey for the Voice Monkey Alexa Skill.


@Boundary-Alarm for the Boundary alarm system (UK)