Linking Alexa with Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator speaker

I have 3 Alexa’s placed thru out the house which is nice to link them and play music. We just purchased a the new Samsung Family 2.0 fridge. I would like to add that speaker to the whole home audio list.

I tried calling SmartThings tech support first person told me to buy the new hub. Which I did and will switch from Wink. Next call was 2 hours long and the representive keep putting me on hold asking people and then inevitably hung up on me.

Is what I want to do possible?

Last question anyone out there with this fridge? Can you download apps to it?

I’m having the same issue! Have you had any luck?

No luck yet.

don’t think this will ever happen. Sonos with Alexa can’t be added to echo’s whole house audio.