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Quick question for all of you geniuses out there. I am looking at getting speakers for voice messages/sounds/etc. I am currently using Smartthings and Echosistant for my Amazon Echo. I have read numerous messages regarding installing apps in order to incorporate cheaper speakers to save a little money. As much as I want to do that, my patience these days cant take the installation process followed by errors and glitches to get the operation going. So I would rather just get the supported speakers and keep it simple. So to my question…when I look in the smartthings app, I see the only 2 choices for speakers are Bose Soundtouch or Samsung Multiroom Audio. However, when I look at the Alexa side, I see Sonos. I’m not sure which speakers to get as far as which platform that would allow the easiest integration with out time consuming configuration. Basically what I am saying is should I get Smartthings type speaker or an Alexa side speaker for easier integration. Just a quick example, I would like to setup the Dogs Barking profile when a door is opened late at night. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance!

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