Linear WT00Z-1, WS15Z-1 & WD500Z

I have 30 Linear switches installed in my house. I can’t seem to get one to connect to the hub. They are all already connected to a Z-Wave network as I didn’t have smart things when I got it. Do I have to remove them all from the network to get them to attach to smart things hub?

Short answer: yes. Right now they are owned by the primary controller from the previous network. They will ignore the ST hub. So you must exclude them using the old controller, then you can include them to the ST network.

If the old controller is broken or unavailable, you have to reset each device to factory defaults, then include them to the ST network.

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I made the network with a minimote, so there was no direct controller. I can just use that to remove them right?

If it’s the same minimote, yes. A minimote can act as either a primary or a secondary.

Thanks for your help, I’ll try that tomorrow.