Linear/GoControl WS15Z-1 Pairs but that's it

Hi there!

I finally was able to pair my Linear/GoControl Ws15z-1 switch but for some reason, I’m not able to toggle on/off via the Smart Things apps.

Out of curiosity, I ran a Z-Wave Repair and the switch failed to update.

Chatted with Smart Things support and the rep said, ‘since its not a supported switch and that its a z-wave, he’s not surprised.’ He mentioned that he searched the forums and recommended me to install a custom device handler.

Out of all things, I thought this switch would just work as a generic device. Also, I’ve looked high and low and have yet to find a custom device handler for my device.

I felt the support rep just blew me off and hoping someone here could point me to the right direction.

What device type did it pair as in the ide? How far from the hub?

The hub is currently 5-6 feet away from the device in question.

Initially, it was paired as a “Z-Wave Switch Generic” but I recently switched to “Z-Wave Switch” to see what would happen. Unfortunately, the app still sees the switch in an on state but I can’t toggle.

Try cycling power to the switch. If that doesn’t work, exclude and re-add.