Linear WD500Z - No Power to Lights

I ordered a Linear WD500z Dimmer Switch to control my 6 BR30 LED Dimmable kitchen lights. I connect all the wires as described in the manual. I am even able to pair it with SmartThings. However, I am not able to have any lights turn on. I obviously have power to the switch since I can pair it. Any suggestions?


Get your electrical tester out, see if the load side of the dimmer is producing any juice when manually activated.

Also check your neutral wires, when I installed my dimmer the act of taking the old switch out wall was enough to loosen my neutrals to the point where one must not have been touching in the wire nut. I hate wire nuts with a passion… I bought push in connectors for future work but they take up so much room and boxes are always stuffed.

(Update) My symptoms were: Voltage detected in light cans and slight hum but no light. So the black line wire was good but not the neutrals.

Air gap switch?

Also check to be sure dimmer is not at 0% setting.

I checked the power going to the load wire and there was no power at all being produced. I also confirmed that the dimmer was at 100%. I ended up returning it to Amazon and will either reorder and try another one or order a different brand.

Thanks for the help though. All great ideas and quick responses.

Good luck!
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And you’re sure the air gap switch was pushed all the way in? If it’s only halfway in, you’d get exactly the symptoms you described.